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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
September 1, 2020 ·  2 min read

This Dad Built A Jeep Bed For His Daughter and Now I Want One

Having a cool room to show off to all of your friends was something that many of us always wanted growing up. This lucky little girl got her wish when her dad built her very own custom-built jeep bed. 

A Custom-Built Jeep Bed of Your Dreams

Thomas Passmore’s little girl clearly loves two things: Pink and jeeps. So with those two things in mind, he built her a custom-made pink jeep bed to match her already pink-themed room. The jeep bed comes fully-equipped with large tires, actually functioning high-beams, two doors on either side, and a purple underglow that looks like it even occasionally flashes to the beat of some music. (1)

The bed is raised up off of the ground by the tires, so there is a little ladder for his daughter to climb in and out of it. (1)

If you’re inspired by Thomas’ Jeep Bed creation, you can download a template on Etsy here.

Other Incredible Dad Projects

Thomas Passmore isn’t the only DIY Dad out there. Dad’s and husbands really use their skills to go above and beyond just Jeep Beds for their families sometimes, and the results are truly amazing. Check out some of these dad DIYs and prepared to be inspired:

The Graduation Stage

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that high school and college seniors around the world could not have their regular graduation ceremonies as-planned. After four years of hard work, all Gabrielle Pierce wanted to do was be able to walk across that stage, head held high, and accept her diploma in front of her family. 

Not wanting her dream taken away from her, her father Torrence Burson built her a graduation stage in their driveway, complete with backdrop, podium, and everything.

The Dream Closet

Better than a Jeep bed? Depends on who you ask. Many of us look at the gorgeous walk-in closets we see on TV and in the rooms of famous, wealthy people and can only dream of having one like it. This husband decided that his wife deserved a closet just like that and transformed their attack into the closet of her dreams.

Mini ‘Coop Town’

This man’s wife mentioned to her husband that she wished she had a small coop or house for her flock of chickens to go into when they wished. This man took that hint and went far beyond what she could have hoped for. He built her an entire mini town for her chickens to live in.

This coop town comes fully-loaded with:

  • A beauty salon
  • A saloon
  • A watering station
  • Stables
  • A blacksmith
  • A jail
  • A colourful plaza with a hotel, cafe, and more

Jeep Bed or not, these dads all deserve awards for their creativity, passion, attention to detail, and most importantly, their desire to do anything for their families.

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