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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
June 4, 2020 ·  1 min read

How Fast Can You Find The Odd Turtle In This Picture?

Here at the Hearty Soul, we love optical illusions, puzzles, and mind tricks. The more frustrating they are the better, and this most recent puzzle certainly fits the bill. How fast can you find the odd turtle in this puzzle? Full disclosure: it took me more than 15 minutes! (don’t tell anyone)

How Fast Can You Find the Odd Turtle?

The photo below has one turtle that is slightly different from the rest. Apparently only 15% of Americans can find the turtle in under 10 seconds. Are you one of them?

Other Puzzles to Try

There are plenty of puzzles like the turtle one for you to try. See how long it takes you to solve these puzzles, then go challenge your friends and family:

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Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions, or tricks of the eye and mind, are so much about our perspective. Our viewpoint when looking at a picture, and our ability to see what else might be there, affects what we see first and what we may or may not be able to see or imagine second.


Have a look at these paintings by Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves. Each of his paintings takes your eyes on a journey. At first, you see one scene, and then the painting slowly morphs into something else. He plays with that idea of perspective and how closely related two seemingly separate subjects can be.

Optical illusions are fun games to challenge your brain and eyes with. Use them for entertainment and to maintain a strong, healthy mind.