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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 3, 2023 ·  2 min read

Lion Cub’s Legs Deliberately Broken So He Couldn’t Escape While Tourists Posed For Photos

Time and time again, humans prove themselves to be the most ruthless and dangerous ‘animals’ on the planet. Animal cruelty being one of the worst offenses, we hear these tragic stories again and again. The latest of these comes from Russia, where a lion cub’s legs were broken to take pictures with tourists on the beach.

Warning: This article contains some distressing content

Lion Cub’s Legs Broken for Tourist Photo-Op

Simba the young lion cub was found tied up in a barn in the Dagestan region of Russia sick, tortured, and beaten. He was only a few weeks old when he was taken away from his mother to be used as a prop for pictures with tourists on the beach. (1, 2)

Of course, lion cubs don’t stay small and harmless forever. When Simba began to reach an age where he could run away, his owners broke his legs. When they no longer needed him his torturers left him alone in a cold barn. Not only were Simba’s legs broken, but he was starving, ill, had open sores and wounds, and had damage done to his spine. Sick, in incredible amounts of pain, and unable to walk, Simba was on the brink of death. (1, 2)

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 A Rescue Mission

When brought to specialist veterinarian Karen Dallakyan, Simba was skin and bone with pressure sores, intestinal obstructions, and muscle wasting. After several surgeries, the young lion had to relearn how to walk with his newly functioning hind legs. Though permanently deformed, Simba is now on the road to recovery. (1, 2)

Today there is video footage from the specialist showing Simba with a thick, beautiful coat of fur and snuggling his favorite toy – a big white teddy bear – in his cage. (1, 2)

A Criminal Investigation

Dallakyan explained to Russian president Vladimir Putin about the cruelty that Simba had suffered. Shocked and dismayed, the president took the allegations seriously and ordered a criminal investigation against the perpetrators. (1, 2)

The photographer who worked with Simba the previous summer has denied the torture and claims that it was the people he sold the cub to afterward who did it. Currently, the investigation is still underway. (1, 2)

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