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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
June 18, 2020 ·  2 min read

Meet Magnolia Earl, the First-Ever Adopted Child to Be Named a Gerber Baby!

Remember the Gerber Baby Photo Contest? Well, the 2020 contest has come to a conclusion and the results are as historic as they are adorable. Meet your new 2020 Gerber Baby Magnolia Earl, the first-ever adopted child to become the company’s ‘spokesbaby’.

Magnolia Earl Becomes the First-Ever Adopted Child Gerber Baby

Little Magnolia, who turned one year old on May 9th, is already making history. She is representing adopted children and families everywhere as the first-ever adopted child to be named as the Gerber spokesbaby. (1, 2)

Magnolia’s parents Courtney and Russel Earl waited six months to finally be able to adopt her last year. Now, Magnolia lives with her parents and two older sisters, Whitney, 12, and 8-year-old Charlotte who is also adopted. (1, 2)

“This is incredible,” Courtney Earl told “It means that when people see our families, or if you see a family that doesn’t necessarily match, that you don’t have to question the belonging of anybody in that family.” (1)

Her husband Russell agrees.

“Mommy always says a family is built on love,” He added. “We may all look different, but we’re one family.” (1)

The couple is still in contact with Magnolia’s birth parents, who are very proud of her achievement. There is a lot of love for this little girl everywhere. (1, 2)

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Gerber Celebrating Diversity

This isn’t the first historic moment for Gerber. Two years ago, the contest winner was two-year-old Lucas Warren, who has Down Syndrome. Last year Gerber was represented by Kairi Yang, the first-ever baby of Hmong descent to be the face of the brand. (1, 2)

Since the contest began 10 years ago, Gerber has featured babies of a variety of backgrounds. In a statement about the contest, the company said:

“At Gerber, we have always recognized that every baby is a Gerber baby…In the 10 years we have hosted Photo Search, we have been proud to feature babies of diverse backgrounds. This year is no exception by featuring Magnolia, our first adopted Gerber Spokesbaby.” (2)

Congratulations to Magnolia and her family! We can’t wait to see the campaign.

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