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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
September 18, 2020 · 3 min read

Mom Goes Viral After Son Convinces Her To Put Her Worldly Wisdom On Signs

Our moms have a lot of wisdom they share with us over the years. This son had the brilliant idea to team up with his mom to help spread hers with the world using ‘wisdom signs’. Their Instagram account, Mother With Sign, is heartwarming and powerful.

Wisdom Signs

2020 has been a tough year for basically everyone. This is partly what inspired Pranav Sapra’s idea, with the help of his mom Poonam, to start their Mother With Sign Instagram page. On the account, they post photos of Poonam holding up wisdom signs. These signs are meant to share Poonam’s motherly advice that’s hilarious, relatable, and touching. (1)

Poonam was a bit uncertain about the idea at first, but Pranav assured her it would be well received. This, of course, is an understatement. (1)

“I guess it touches a chord because it comes straight from the heart,” Poonam said about their content. “My son and I try our best to keep the content simple, relatable and light—as it is 2020 is tough on everyone. I am keen on making the youngsters see things from the parents’ perspective and vice versa.” (1)

In just eight months the account has gained 108 thousand followers and even has caught the attention of the popular account Humans of Bombay, which has over 1.1 million followers. (1)

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Pranav and Poonam

Poonam is 64 and describes herself as having a “childlike enthusiasm to learn more in life.” She sings, paints, and writes poetry every day. Pranav is a 33-year-old marketing manager at Zoomato. (1)

The mother-son duo are very close, and they enjoy cooking, conversations, and board games together. This Instagram account is another way for the pair to bond. (1)

“This page just adds to the list and gives us another reason to spend time with each other and collectively make more people happy. You could say continuing to have fun in the process of making others smile is the mission for both of us. And we have a long long way to go.” Poonam explains. (1)

The Content

The best part about the wisdom signs is that everything Poonam writes in genuine and from the heart. They’re all things that she has and continues to tell her son all the time. (1)

“I’m just being who I am. I used to talk like this with my son, so now he helps me put all that on Instagram and all the kids there listen too.” she says. (1)

Pranav explained how he put his mother through many difficult situations when he was a mischievous young kid, and he knows all of it could have been avoided if he had just listened to his mother’s advice the first time around. (1)

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Inspired by the Dude With Sign Instagram account, he wanted to do something similar but instead spread the advice that can only come from a mother. Poonam, who enjoys keeping up with millennial culture, decided to go along with it and has been overwhelmed with all of the positive feedback they have received. (1)

As it turns out, none of us are ever too cool, too successful, or too old for some good old wholesome mom wisdom.