peacock spider
Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
May 31, 2020 ·  2 min read

Peacock Spiders Are So Striking Blue That Even I Think They’re (Sort Of) Pretty

For most of us, it’s hard to imagine describing a spider as cute, much less beautiful. That being said, even one of nature’s creepiest looking creatures can have their moments. Peacock spiders are proof that mother nature hides beauty in even the most off-putting of her creations.

Peacock Spiders

As it always seems to be with much of the world’s weirdest and wackiest creatures, Peacock Spiders can be found all over Australia. Unlike many of the terrifying spider species found throughout that nation, however, peacock spiders pose no threat to humankind – unless you’re intimidated by flashy fashion and brilliant dance moves. (1)

Here are some quick facts about Peacock Spiders:

  • Similar to the bird they’re named after, Peacock Spiders have a backside that is cast in brightly colored hues and patterns. (1)
  • Far more successfully than most humans, they use their dance skills to attract a mate. In a fascinating pattern, they wave their colorful backside back and forth in front of a potential suitor to show off their beauty as well as their grace. (1)
  • They are incredible jumpers with the ability to jump over twenty times the length of their bodies. (2)
  • They are very small, almost rice-sized in fact. 
  • While they are technically venomous, their jaws are far too small to produce enough force to puncture human skin. (1)

Now that we know there’s nothing to be afraid of, all there’s left to do is admire this incredible little species.

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New Varieties of Peacock Spiders Discovered

This past March in 2020, Museums Victoria researcher Joseph Schubert along with a team of spider enthusiasts discovered seven new species of spider, bringing the total species count up to 87 types. Most of these new types were found in Western Australia, however, a couple of them were also discovered in the Southern region of the country. (1)

According to Schubert, his favorite of the new species is the Maratus constellatus, which means “starry” in Latin. (1)

“It’s such a nice looking species,” he says. “The pattern reminds me of The Starry Night by Van Gogh.” (1)

Other Incredibly Colorful Spiders

Peacock spiders aren’t the only ones in the arachnid world to have striking patterns and colors. One spider that has recently garnered much attention for its unique coloring is the cobalt blue tarantula. (3)

Unlike the peacock spiders, however, this female species of spiders are anything but small: they can comfortably fit themselves around a regular-sized donut. (3)

With mother nature out their painting artistic masterpieces on little spiders’ backs, we can’t wait to see what more is discovered about this incredible species.

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