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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
April 9, 2024 ·  3 min read

People Shocked After Learning How McDonald’s Scrambled Eggs Are Prepared

McDonald’s has recently started a frenzy among its customers as details have come forward on how they prepare their scrambled eggs. The revelation came through a series of viral TikTok videos, sparking a (Mc)flurry of reactions across social media platforms. The secrets were spilled by employees themselves, shedding light on McDonald’s scrambled eggs and the process behind what many believed to be a simple breakfast staple.1

How It All Gets Made

Image Credit: @kallme.yaniii | TikTok

In a now-viral TikTok video by user @kallme.yaniii, the process of making McDonald’s scrambled eggs was unveiled. Yanii’s video shows the steps required (at her branch, at least, but we assume as a franchise, it’s all universally done) of the chain. The procedure starts with a rectangular grill, where a layer of butter is applied before pouring liquid egg from a McDonald’s carton. As Yanii scrambles the eggs on the grill, viewers are provided a firsthand glimpse into the preparation process.

I just learnt how to make scrambled eggs at McDonald’s, so don’t pick on me,” Yanii says notes in the video, making light of her not-so-graceful ability.

The video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views since its posting, and viewers have expressed a spectrum of reactions.2 While some were pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the eggs, others had questions about certain parts of the preparation process. Comments of approval like, “Honestly? That’s better than I assumed. I’m good with that,” to skepticism regarding the cooking technique like, “More heat, less scrambling.” Everybody’s a critic these days…

McDonald’s Scrambled Egg-cellent

The preparation comes amongst a broader trend of employees sharing fast-food cooking methods on social media. Past instances of McDonald’s cooking processes in particular have sparked similar debates among customers.3 The ongoing discourse reflects a growing interest in understanding what goes on behind the curtain of fast-food kitchens.

Contrary to common assumptions, the videos show that McDonald’s scrambled eggs are actually prepared fresh rather than being frozen or pre-packaged and heated. Despite the shock some viewers had, others have defended the cooking methods, which does speak to a larger conversation about fast food expectations.

The wide range of reactions to McDonald’s scrambled eggs speaks to the significance of transparency in the food industry. Additionally, it opens up a conversation about the evolving expectations of customers regarding ingredient sourcing and preparation methods. As social media continues to serve as a platform for employee insights and consumer discourse, fast food should hopefully face mounting pressure to address concerns and provide clarity as their ‘secrets’ come forward.

The recent revelation of McDonald’s scrambled eggs has sparked debate among consumers, and overall it is for the better. Through TikTok videos, employees are shedding light on the process, challenging assumptions, and prompting a reevaluation of fast-food cooking. As discussions continue to take place online, the growing importance of transparency and consumer awareness becomes clearer and clearer.

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