Posted on: December 1, 2017 at 4:53 pm
Last updated: July 28, 2020 at 4:55 pm

A lot of home decorating inspiration is fun to look at but doesn’t necessarily fit into every home (unfortunately). We might not be able to create ‘the dream house’ that we see in the pages of magazines, but we can still turn our own homes into a living dream. If you’re hoping to save space in a small apartment, the key to creating a good energy flow in the house, and there’s no one that doesn’t space saving better than the country with one of the highest population densities in the world, Japan.


Get the home that you’ve always dreamed of without investing in a major renovation by using these easy (and cute) tips for saving space.

12 Tricks to Save Space in a Small Apartment or House

1. Use space saving furniture – like a chest or ottoman instead of a coffee table


Trade in your coffee table for a chest or an ottoman. This versatile piece of furniture can act as a food rest, coffee table, storage unit, and even an extra seat when you have guests. Try this functional ottoman by Kinfine.

2. Drawers under the stairs

In most houses, the space underneath the stairs is large and relatively unused. Instead of letting that big space go to waste, transform it into pull-out shelving to store anything from sports gear to winter clothing. All of your items will be conveniently close, and you can easily slide the shelves back in when you’re not using them.

3. Install shelves overtop of your washing machine/dryer


Laundry rooms are notoriously small in many houses. To make some more space, utilize the area above your washer and dryer by adding shelves. This will ensure that all of your laundry products are on hand when you need them. Try these easy to install shelves by Welland.

4. Place hooks on the side of your washer/dryer

To create even more space in your laundry room, add hooks and shelves to the side of your washer and dryer to hang all of the little things that you need while doing your washing. Taking advantage of every space that you can in your laundry room will help you to be organized and get the task done.

5. Kitty litter inside of a cabinet

If you have a cat and are tired of having it’s litter box out in the open for all to see, try hiding the box in a creative place, like a cabinet. Cats are known for kicking their litter around after they’ve finished going to the bathroom. By placing the box in a cabinet you will be able to contain the amount of litter that gets on your floor. Having your cat go to the bathroom in the cabinet is also much more pleasant for everyone because it contains the smell and gives your cat a little bit of privacy.

6. Dog bowl inside of a drawer

Save space on your floors by moving your dog’s water and food bowl into a shelf. This allows you to close the shelf when your dog is not using it and you’re in need of a little bit more room.

7. Use a shelf instead of a desk

Desks tend to take up a lot of room in the house, and they are not always used. If you have a laptop instead of a desktop computer, consider nixing the idea of a desk and instead set up your workspace on a shelf. Check out this floating shelf that you can turn into a workspace.

8. Or install a fold out desk

space saving

If you want something that is a little bit similar to a standard desk, but you still desire the extra space, compromise by setting up a fold-out table. By doing this, you’ll have a desk to work on when you want it, and extra space in your room for when you don’t.

9. Utilize the space floor to ceiling with shelves


10. Hang towel racks vertically for towels, or horizontally for slippers/shoes

save space hacks

By hanging two hangers on the wall vertically you can roll and place towels on the wall. These space-saving hangers make it easier for you and your family to grab towels, and it also works as a way to make a bland wall more interesting. Switch up the colors of the towels seasonally to add a variety of flavor to the room.

shoe rack save space

You can also install the space-saving hangers horizontally and use them to hold slippers or shoes. You can hang them out of sight on the back of a door, or out in the open. Either way, this is a convenient way to store your shoes that’s easy on the eyes.

11. Stack Your Clothes Hangers

Before you start calling up contractors to renovate your bedroom and create more closet space, why not try maximizing the space you already have in your closet?

Try recycling soda can tabs and using them to layer or stack your clothes hangers onto each other. Not only are you helping to reduce wasted space, you can rescue materials from the landfills.

12. Easy Peasy Folded Underwear Trick

This simple hack saves a ton of space in your dresser drawers and gives you the convenience of a tissue box, too! (Here’s a pro tip, ladies: organize one box for nice, pretty panties and another box for- you know- when Aunt Flo’s in town. Thank me later).

Creating more space in your home will help you to de-stress so that you can enjoy your time at home. Finding unique and creative ways to save space in every room will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. We may not all be able to have the dream house from the magazines, but we can make sure that the house we do have is an absolute dream.

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