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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
June 8, 2020 ·  2 min read

Do You Want To Build A Tiny House With Just A Screw Driver?

Some tiny homes are designed for permanent living, while others are more temporary. Either way, we can’t seem to get enough of the tiny house trend. This latest option for a simple tiny home is so easy to put together, the only tool you need is a screwdriver.

Simple Tiny Home With Just a Screwdriver

Though not suitable for colder weather, this tiny home is an amazing option for temporary housing if you are renovating your home or building one. It could also be easily converted into a shed afterward when you no longer need to live in it. (1)

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The Details

Called Quick Cabins by Quite Lite, these little yurt-like structures were designed with nomadic lifestyles in mind, which is why they are so light and easy to put together. These simple tiny homes are made of premade polyethylene panels. They are strong but flexible, puncture and UV-ray resistant, and filled with foam for strength and a small amount of insulation. (1)

Source: Quite Lite
Source: Quite Lite

At $200 a panel, you can design your cabin however you’d like to. The panels fit together easily, and you always have the option of purchasing more panels later on to expand your home as desired. Other details include (1):

  • The panels are connected at the bottom, top, and middle using interlocking tabs and screws.
  • Each panel is 60 inches by 21 inches and weighs approximately 21 pounds.
  • A water-tight edge gasket seals each panel to ensure no leaks when it rains.
  • Tie-down rings on both the inside and outside, as well as additional inserts on the inside, are there for easy installation and securing of furniture.
  • The door frame is made of aluminum tubing to support a light-weight door.
  • The windows are acrylic and shatter-proof, often coming with screens so you can open them without letting in bugs.
  • An aluminum roof covered in heavy-duty vinyl along with an insulation layer and inner membrane.
  • Exterior roof cover is attached via hooks to keep it secure during heavy winds.
  • A 14-inch RV ceiling vent for air circulation.
  • Easy to dismantle and transport
Source: Quite Lite

From start to finish, these homes can be assembled in an hour or two with just a screwdriver, though something tells me an electric drill might save you some time.

Whether you live in a warmer climate and are looking for a house you can pick up and move whenever you please, or you just need something temporary over the warmer months, Quick Cabins might be the option for you.

Source: Quite Lite

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