Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
January 10, 2024 ·  3 min read

Studies Say Stubborn Children Are More Likely To Turn Into Successful Adults

Are you at your wit’s end with a stubborn and defiant kid? Well fret no more, there is a silver lining to your kid’s delightful character trait.  Delightful, you ask? Yes, your kid’s defiant behavior is shown to be an early predictor of future financial success.

That’s right, rule-breaking and defiance of parental authority suggest your kid will grow up to have deep pockets.  Next time you attempt to put your kid to bed or have them clean there room and they mock your futile efforts, just think ka-ching.

Stubborn And Defiant Kids Make Wealthy Adults

In a decades-long study that began in 1968 evaluated kids aged 8-12  and examined various student characteristics. The MAGRIP study as it was called, was conducted over a 4o year period and concluded in 2008.  Among the characteristics studied were inattentiveness, impatience, sense of inferiority, responsibility, pessimism and of course rule breaking and defiance of parental authority.

The study revealed the characteristic of rule breaking and defiance was a precursor to a high level of financial income.  Theories suggest these kids will be more willing to fight for their aims, best interests and will be more demanding at critical junctures of there life, like when negotiating salaries.

Perhaps future thoughts of your defiant kid’s wealth just aren’t cutting it.  Likely, you still aim to have your kid recognize your authority and grow into a co-operative, well-behaved individual.  Here are some steps to help you reach that goal.

6 Tips For Handling Stubborn And Defiant Kids

1- First, Stay Calm

Raising your voice or losing your cool with an unruly kid will only escalate the situation.  Step back, take a deep breath and come up with a game plan.  Your end goal here is a purposeful resolution.  Once you’re feeling calm, cool, and collected put the plan into action, start by hearing them out and then counter with a quick jab, or maybe just some sound logic.

2- Listen To Them

Hear them out, the way you want to be heard.  Inside there slack and ranting, they may be identifying a concern or issue that is halting progress.  Adress the issue, and sail on into the sunset.

3- Do, Establish A Connection. Don’t, Impose Your Will

Often, we may feel inclined to overpower a defiant child.  Though, doing this will undoubtedly lead to resentment and further problems.  Instead, connect with your child and disarm there desire to rebel.  Show them that you too struggle with putting back the broccoli, but with grit and determination, you can do it.

4- Wheel And Deal

Making small allowances is a good way to get a lot of results.  Suppose your kid is dissatisfied with their bedtime.  Offer to read them 1 more book, or 5 more minutes to watch tv.  The hard-line doesn’t always work, be willing to flex a little and you’ll both benefit.

5- Lead By Example

Children naturally follow suit with what they see from there parents.  Whether you co-operate or are defiant with your partner, your kid is likely to emulate your behavior.  Show your kid that you are understanding, willing to negotiate and be open minded and they will return the treatment in kind.

6- It’s Nice To Have Options

Avoid putting your kid in a corner, provide options.  Telling your kid they have to eat “now” can make your kid feel trapped and they may feel the need to rebel.  Try saying, do you want to eat now or after your program?  Providing your kid options gives them a sense that you’re considering their interests.  They may not express it but they will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll all live happily ever after.