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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
November 4, 2020 ·  3 min read

The Stump Cabin in the Pacific North West

Hidden somewhere in the forest in the Pacific Northwest is this small, mysterious cabin. The stump cabin is the tiny forest home of your dreams. (1)

The Stump Cabin

Though we don’t know much about the stump cabin, we do know that it is nestled next to a river in a forest in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Round and one story tall, it is easy to see why it is called the stump cabin. (1)

Doesn’t the warm glow of the light inside it look inviting? If you ever come across this cabin yourself, perhaps its owner will let you have a look inside.

More Off-Grid Handmade Cabins

If the stump cabin made you think of fairy tales and days gone by, then these ones certainly will, too.

Jacob Witzling is a designer and builder who has been building tiny, dreamy, off-grid cabins for several years now. These cabins will make all of your Disney dreams come true. (2)

Witzling makes most of his cabins for his friends and family. They are made largely from upcycled lumber and scraps from construction sites. He has built five cabins, one of which is a truck-cabin that he drove across America with his girlfriend. (2)

“I started building cabins because, like lots of kids, I loved forts and Ewoks. … [and] always wanted to live in a cool-looking fairy tale house, like a hobbit.” recalls Witzling. “I read that as a kid, and imagined living in one of those houses myself someday. I would gaze at the pictures from inside my blanket fort, and daydream about building one of my own. The uniqueness and zero restriction of the handmade home is what inspires me to create these livable sculptures from sustainable and local materials.” (2)

Image Credits: Dwell

He was finally given the opportunity when his friends bought a few acres of land near his home. He paid for all of the materials and built the cabin and in exchange his friends allowed him to live in it on their property for three years. This was the first of many. (2)

Completely Off-Grid Living

All of his homes are designed to run without needing to be hooked up to the electricity grid. (2) His cabins (2):

  • Are powered by a 12 volt D/C system that uses deep cycle batteries
  • Use a well to collect water for cleaning, drinking, and cooking
  • Have an outhouse with a composting toilet

He builds most of his cabins the same way as his first: As an exchange for a few years to live there. Nearly all are for family and friends. (2)

“I provide the labor in exchange for years of access after the completion of the structure. One cabin I built with my brother just for fun. My most recent cabin I built for friends, and the Truck Cabin was built just for Sara and myself.” (2)


Witzling and his girlfriend’s most recent project is what they’ve called Cabinland. This is a beautiful piece of land with creeks, mountain views, and trails that connect several cabins. (2)

Each of the cabins is built using upcycled materials and are completely unique from the others. (2)

If living in a tiny, off-grid cabin is what you are looking for, then Witzling is the guy you need to look to for inspiration. He proves that with a bit of work and know-how, you can make your fairy tale cabin dreams come true.

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