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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
February 5, 2020 ·  3 min read

The World Has A New Grumpy Cat, And She’s Grumpier Than Ever

How can anyone tell when she’s happy? 

Tardar Sauce will always have a special place in our hearts as the famous Grumpy cat, but it may be time for the throne to be filled again. Meow Meow from Taiwan makes Tardar’s grumpy face look like a happy one. Tardar was the subject of several hilarious memes for many years and her face always made people laugh hysterically.

Well, this elegant fluff from Taiwan has the same effect [1]. Even in her most relaxed moments, Meow Meow would still sport an unflinching scowl, no thanks to the “Batman mask” coloration of her facial fur. 

Meow Meow has a personality that matches her face – she’s the ultimate queen of sass. She lets you know straight-up that she doesn’t like you and isn’t interested in playing with you. When she was in the hospital for a hyperthyroidism treatment, Meow Meow’s scowl never once broke and she didn’t find the people there interesting.

The only person she loves is her owner, Clare, who met her at an old pet shop when the fluff was only a 10-month-old kitten. The cute kitty was abandoned by her former owner and Clare loved her at first sight.

“I met her at an old pet shop,” Clare, who has a tattoo of Meow Meow’s angry face on her arm told Bored Panda [2]. Interestingly, Meow Meow is actually older than Tardar Sauce. “Her ex-owner abandoned her for some unknown reason. She was 10 months old at that time, so I and my younger brother took her to our house and she became my first cat.”

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Behind that scowl is a loving, gentle personality

Clare says that behind all that grump and grouch is a sweet little pooch that loves her mommy dearly.

Meow Meow has a habit of waking her mom up every morning with gentle paw massages. If that doesn’t work, she begins to softly nibble Clare. A girl has to eat, and Meow Meow is a seriously picky eater. She’ll only eat one type of canned food and nothing else.

She’s tried nearly everything but she only likes that one,” said Clare.  “After the meal, she washes herself and jumps onto one of her favorite places near the windows to watch the birds. Sometimes she even draws the curtains all by herself just to sit down and get a better look.”

No matter what you do to Meow Meow, she isn’t ever going to look any different because she’s not really angry. Her face is naturally colored to look like she’s wearing a Batman mask. The dark shades over her eyes make her look perpetually angry and if they were to be another color, she’d look normal.

However, normal is boring and everyone around the pooch loves her dearly, so why would they ever want her to be different?

“Even when I take a picture of her and she looks at me, I find her very gentle. I even dressed her like a princess once, but my friends saw her and told me she looked more like a queen.”

Image credits: Siro0913 via Imgur

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