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Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
May 18, 2024 ·  1 min read

Have You Ever Seen A ‘Chimera’ Kitten? It’s The Cutest Of Nature’s ‘Accidents’

The natural world is capable of creating some of the most dazzling, unique creatures. Every creature is unique in its own way. But once in a while, nature produces a sort of genetic crossover episode called a chimera. Chimera kittens are a single cat that is comprised of two or more different genetically distinct cells that originated from different zygotes. These genetically unique cells merge together into one organism. Instead of blending perfectly together, the cells maintain their genetic characteristics, leading to two radically different looking tissues being presented on one animal. [1]

Chimeras are extremely uncommon. Experts aren’t exactly sure how many chimeras there are in the world. Among humans, there are only 100 confirmed chimeras out of a population of nearly 8 billion. [2] In vitro fertilization could be causing human chimerism to become more common, but it’s hard to say.

Chimera kittens are adorable

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This uncommon blending of different, genetically unique zygotes is what lead to the conception of Quimera, a truly adorable and unique cat from Argentina that has amassed a large social media following enamored with her unlikely appearance.

While she may look like no cat you’ve ever seen, Quimera is your average cat. She’s affectionate to her human, loves laying in the most inconvenient places, and lives life as a normal cat, blissfully unaware of how truly unique she is.

Here is Quimera, living her special kitty life.

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