Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
April 13, 2018 ·  5 min read

Small House Living? I Can Get Used To This

A big movement, of living in tiny houses is underway.  To heck with stairs, hours of cleaning, clutter, mortgage payments.  Bring on simplicity, peace of mind, coziness and did we mention a mortgage-free life?  Tiny homes are all the rage and don’t be fooled into thinking this is a backward step.  Tiny homes provide a path for fulfillment and they don’t look all that bad either.  Is a tiny home right for you?

Cut The Red Tape! US Government Backlash Against Tiny Homes

Small house living

As the popularity of living in tiny homes increases, by-laws or zoning laws are increasing along with it.  In the US, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is proposing a rule that would force tiny houses to conform to the standards of recreational vehicles.  This rule would inevitably prohibit permanent living in tiny homes.  The HUD is also proposing regulations that tiny homes be manufactured in factories and conform to codified standards (3).  Such a rule would eliminate incentives for living in tiny homes such as low building costs and the use of recycled building materials.  What’s the big idea?

Small home living

Just when it appears there is a solution to the travails of life, in steps new rules.  Shouldn’t living in a tiny home off the grid be a personal choice?

Houses are expensive, work is stressful, and people are concerned with the environment.  Tiny houses minimize, if not eliminate all of these issues.  Tiny homes for many have provided refuge in a life filled with tremendous obstacles and challenges.  Having the clamps put on the tiny home way eliminates what many thought, was a way out.

Living off the grid should be a personal choice, it’s good for the environment and it’s a creative solution to eliminate stress.

Tiny homes not only benefit the occupants but the environment as well. Tiny homes have low impact on energy resources due to their use of solar and wind power, filtrated water systems and composting toilet systems.  Think of earth hour, isn’t it neat thinking of all the energy saved within that hour? It’s a good feeling.  Tiny homes are like earth hour on coffee beans.

Tiny homes create happier people.  Wouldn’t it be nice with more pleasant and friendly people walking around? A hello here and a smile there, sure let’s have some of that.  In a society with mental health disorders on the rise, tiny homes are an effective and progressive solution to the problem.  Tiny homes likely won’t change the world but they can help change people, for the better.

Tiny Home, Big Benefits

Tiny home movement

The benefits of tiny homes go beyond financial gain and being environmentally friendly.  Here are 7 big benefits of living in tiny homes.

1- Save On Costs

A well-built tiny home, with all the desired features will cost on average $25,000-$30,000.  If it sounds good, that’s because it is.  Downsizing on your home also means downsizing on your costs.

A shipping container is a good example of an affordable and practical tiny home.  Look at the creativity that went into this shipping container.

2- Tell Debt To Take A Lap

With an average cost of $25-$30k, in many cases, a tiny home is the equivalent of a mortgage down payment.  Imagine living debt free, go ahead imagine it.  With a tiny home, debt free isn’t just a pipe dream, it’s actually possible.  Not only can you live debt free but you will accrue savings.  In fact, 55% of tiny house people have more savings than the average American, with an average of $10,792 in the bank (2).

3- Freedom Of Mobility

Tiny house movement

Many tiny homes can be built on wheels.  Even tiny homes not on wheels can be hoisted onto a conveyance such as a truck or trailer and transported where your heart desires.  Having the freedom of mobility keeps your options open for potential career pursuits, lifestyle changes, or romantic interests (1).

4- Road Trip!

A great benefit of mobility is the ability to travel.  For a weekend getaway, or when it’s time to visit family, all your travel and accommodation needs are taken care of.  No need to worry about whether you’ve packed too much or not enough, it’s all good.  Lay to rest expensive hotel costs or having to sleep on the pull-out couch, everyone loves their own bed.

5- Moving Truck? No Thanks

The mobility of a tiny home enables you to avoid the moving truck. Suppose you do land that dream job or better yet, dream partner, and a move is necessary.  A tiny home spares you the hassle of wrangling up friends, jamming your belongings into a truck, unloading your belongings and then spending the time remaking your new home.  Hopefully, you don’t tear that precious leather couch in the big move, it’s so comfy.

6- Go Green Go

Tiny house movement

You know what’s cool? Going green.  As it happens, tiny homes are great for the environment.  Tiny homes can acquire all the energy they need, straight from the land.  Solar panels and wind sources provide your home energy and tiny houses are equipped with rain filtration systems that provide all your plumbing needs.  Small houses require less energy than normal sized houses making all this possible.  Make all your friends green with envy, go green, go cool, go tiny home.

An Eco-Capsule is a tiny home equipped with all the environmentally friendly energy resources.  Check out what an Ec0-Capsule looks like.

Additionally, tiny homes are often made up of recycled material and require fewer resources to build.

7- Take A Load Off

Small home living

The low maintenance of a tiny home will create peace of mind. Already mentioned was the financial benefit to be gained from tiny homes.  No doubt, this financial liberation will ease your mind and help you sleep better at night.

A tiny house also means less cleaning, less clutter, and more simplicity.  Tiny houses will reduce or eliminate the nuisances of home repairs, buying furniture to stock the house and general maintenance that comes with a big property. More money? Less stress? Yes, please.

Watch this video highlighting the small house living lifestyle: