turtle with gopro
Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
July 21, 2020 ·  2 min read

Turtle Strapped With a GoPro Documents Endearing Underwater Life

Have you always wanted to know what really goes on under-the-sea? Well, this is your chance. A YouTuber has successfully documented the daily happenings in a pond using the cutest of subjects – Tank the turtle.

GoPro-Wearing Turtle Documents Underwater Pond Life

On his channel The Fish Whisperer, this YouTuber wanted to see what really happens beneath the surface of the pond. He decided the best way to do so was by using one of the pond’s most active and adorable residents, the red-eared slider turtle. He chose his turtle, named Tank, and strapped a GoPro to his shell. (1)

Throughout the video, Tank can be seen swimming around the murky waters of the pond, having encounters with fish and other turtles, and occasionally poking his head out of the water to see what’s going on out there. (1)

Eventually, the little turtle comes back on the shore to eat some fish offered to him by the YouTuber so that he can retrieve the GoPro. Talk about a much-needed mood booster. (1) Take a look at the video below.

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