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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
October 7, 2020 ·  3 min read

The Coolest Custom VW Campervans Ever Built

Nothing says spontaneous road trip adventure quite like a classic VW van. A symbol of a relaxed, nomadic lifestyle, these old-school vehicles are having a renaissance. Check out these incredible custom VW campervans to inspire your van life dreams.

14 Seriously Cool Custom VW Campervans

Just because the vans are vintage doesn’t mean they have to look, feel, or function like it. These custom VW campervans have been made over to not just look cool, but also make van life more cozy and comfortable than ever.

The VW Snail Camper

Wahyu Pamungkas has created a business restoring old VWs and other vehicles in Indonesia. His business, called Yudi Yumos (meaning Yudi Motor Sport), is most well-known for the Snail Camper. This custom VW snail camper can sleep three or four and is equipped with a kitchen and an incredible sound system. (2)

Snail Camper

The Fold-Up Roof Van

Keep the roof down flat while driving, then when parked you can open it up for extra living space. (1)

The Stretch Van

This van has been made to be longer and taller for maximum space. (1)


The Retro Van

Some might say it looks old and worn out, others will say it has a beautiful, vintage look. Either way, you can’t deny that this custom VW campervan brings back memories of days gone by. (1)


Beach Vibes Only

If you’ve always dreamt of living at the beach, then this is the van you need. Decorated to match right in with the coastline aesthetic, this van is best parked by the shore. (1)


The Classic Custom VW Campervan

With its checkered floor and painted Tiffany blue, this van is reminiscent of an old fifties and sixties-era diner. (3)

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Solar-Powered Eco-Camper

Created by Canadian designer Alexandre Verdier, this vintage van has been re-done to be solar-powered. It’s not just cute and cozy, it’s also more environmentally friendly. (4)


The Red Stretch Bus

If there’s one way for you and your friends to travel around in style, it’s in a red stretch VW campervan. This one looks just like the classic version, just elongated and painted a gorgeous dark red hue. (1)


The Freedom Caravan

This van is a true home-on-wheels. It has large side doors that open up nice and wide to bring the outdoors inside, a fold-up dining table, and seats that turn into a bed. (5)


The Rustbuster

Who says a weathered exterior is a bad thing? For this van, it’s all about that old aesthetic to transport you back in time. (1)


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The Coolflo Cooler Custom VW Campervan

The Coolflo brothers have taken their passion for VW vans and air-cooled engines and made a business out of it. Their brand is now recognized globally in the VW community.

Image Credit: Coolflo

Rooftop Refuge

This black and red-painted van has been built so that you can relax and catch some rays, anytime, anywhere. (1)


The Trailer Custom VW Campervan

This two-VW-vans-in-one means more storage and living space. Perfect for the whole family. (1)


The Super Bugger

The last one isn’t exactly a custom VW camper van, but it is a custom-built VW beetle-turned camper van. That’s right – it’s a VW beetle ready for road trips and camping. Who would have thought? (7)

Whether they are kept classic or have been completely transformed into a modern-day vehicle, one thing is certain: People can’t get enough of classic Volkswagens.

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