Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 21, 2023 ·  4 min read

Why Marital Success Depends on Women’s Sexual Desire

Intimacy is an important factor in the long-term success of relationships, including marriages.In particular, women’s sexual desire plays an important role in relationship benefits and daily relationship quality. Studies have shown that when women have higher levels of sexual desire, there is greater sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction overall. 

Women’s Sexual Desire Indicator Of Successful Marriages

Sexual activity is associated with improved relationship quality, regardless of age difference or other related factors. Women who have lower levels of sexual desire tend to be less satisfied with their marriages, which can lead to reduced quality of the overall marriage for both partners. Therefore, it’s important for couples to recognize the importance of women’s sexual desire in order for their marriage to be successful. (1)

This includes understanding the differences between men and women when it comes to libido. Being aware of any potential changes over time due to age or other related factors is equally important. When couples can work together on these issues, they’re more likely to maintain higher levels of marital satisfaction even if they don’t have children together.

The Research Says It All

Longitudinal studies have shown that couples who have a higher frequency of sex are more likely to remain married than those who don’t. Furthermore, researchers have found that sexual frequency is largely dependent on women’s levels of sexual desire and libido. Studies suggest that when women’s levels of sexual desire and libido are high, marriages tend to be more successful as couples report greater satisfaction with their marriage over time. It’s important for parents, couples and researchers alike to understand the importance of a woman’s level of sexual desire for marital success as it has been found to play an important role in maintaining healthy marriages over time.

Researchers have analysed several dimensions of sex marriage and rapid sexual involvement in heterosexual couples. They have found that couples with higher relationship quality tend to report higher levels of sexual desire. Studies have also shown that a lack of sexual compatibility between a couple can lead to long-term implications on the quality of their marriage. Therefore, it is essential for both partners in a marriage to understand the importance of understanding each other’s needs and desires in order for them to maintain a healthy marital relationship.

More Than One Reason 

Research studies have shown that sexual quality, satisfaction and marital satisfaction are strongly linked. In addition, infertility problems and the risk of breast cancer can be reduced if couples are sexually satisfied. Higher relationship satisfaction has been found to be associated with better communication between couples, which is essential for a successful marriage. 

Age difference between partners can also influence sexual quality in a marriage; however this may differ for specific groups of women. For example, younger women may not experience as much physical pleasure from sex as older women due to age difference in levels of libido or other factors. These include tiredness from looking after children. Though having children can be an important aspect of a marriage, it also stands that parents need to still carve out time for rest and to cultivate their relationship separately from their children.

Women’s Needs Are Different

The study of lifetime sex partners has shown that women tend to have fewer partners and are more likely to remain with the same partner for a long term. This could be due to the fact that women are more likely than men to place greater emphasis on emotional connection, communication, and commitment in their relationships. In addition, research has found that sexual satisfaction is linked directly to overall marital happiness; when couples have a healthy sexual relationship then it can help strengthen the bond between them and lead to greater relationship satisfaction. (2)

The results of a combined sample of both male and female demographic suspects found that those who reported higher levels of sexual activity also tended to report higher levels of marital happiness. Ultimately, it appears as though when it comes to creating successful marriages -sexual desire among women is an important factor which cannot be overlooked.

How To Make Time For Intimacy With Your Partner

The research shows that no matter what, if you want your relationship to last, you must make time for intimacy as a couple. Schedule date nights (or days!), have discussions about intimacy and what you both need. Make a point of not only making it happen, but making sure you’re both really into it. If you have children, try getting a sitter or sending the kids to their grandparents or aunt and uncle’s place for the night so you and your partner can have some privacy. Whatever it is that you need to do to carve out that time, do it. The longevity of your relationship could depend on it.


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