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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
January 4, 2024 ·  5 min read

14+ Things We’ve Been Using Wrong All Along

Have you ever found out after years of using something that you’ve been using it incorrectly the entire time? Well, you’re about to discover a whole bunch more. These are 14+ things we use wrong every day.

14+ Things We Use Wrong Regularly

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Some of these are daily items, some just once in a while. All of them, however, will most definitely make you go “Oh! I had no idea you were supposed to use it like that!”. In this list of 14+ things we use wrong frequently, there’s bound to be something in here that will surprise you. Before we begin, this list is just a bit of fun. These may not be the ‘official’ way to use these items, but they sure are fun, and creative, and help you think outside the box!

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1. Takeout Cartons

Takeout Cartons

You know those semi-tall, square cartons you get primarily when you get Chinese take-out? They’re actually designed to open up and be used as a plate. All you have to do is take off the wire handle and unfold the box into a nice, wide plate.

2. Can Opener for Difficult Packages

Can Opener for Difficult Packages
Credit: dadpatrol

Those tough plastic packages are the worst to open. Even the sharpest of scissors can struggle. Next time, use a can opener. No more cuts on your hands and fingers.

3. Juice Box Handles

Juice Box Handles

Have trouble with kids squeezing the wrong sides of the juice box? Use the “handles”. That’s right: Fold up the tabs at the top of the juice box and have your kids hold the box that way.

4. The Table Tray Hook

Table Tray Hook
Credit: dadpatrol

The next time you fly, take note of the underside of your table tray. There’s often a hook under there. You can use that hook to hang your coat or jacket instead of stuffing it under your seat or in the bursting overhead bin.

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5. Drink Lid Coasters

Drink Lid Coasters

Avoid leaving cup rings and water stains from condensation the next time you’re at Starbucks. Use the lid as an on-the-go coaster.

6. Cupcake Sandwich

Cupcake Sandwich
Credit: dadpatrol

Cupcakes are wonderful, but not without icing. Get the ratio right by cutting the cake part of the cupcake in half and putting the bottom on the top. This will sandwich the icing in the middle and keep the delicious throughout.

7. Finger Band-Aid Trick

Finger Band-Aid Trick
Credit: dadpatrol

Finger cuts are the worst for many reasons. One of those reasons is that they are hard to bandage. Cut a slit on either side of the gauze so that you can wrap it around your finger. This will allow it to stay on even when you bend your finger joint.

8. The Correct Way to Peel a Banana

The Correct Way to Peel a Banana
Credit: dadpatrol

Chances are you’ve been peeling bananas wrong your whole life. Instead of cracking it open at the stem, pinch the other end. Not only is it easier to open, but it will make all the little strings come off easier, too.

9. Upside Down Bobby Pin

Upside Down Bobby Pin
Credit: dadpatrol

This is another one that most women have probably been using wrong their entire lives. Most of us stick the pin in our hair with the wavy side up. Unfortunately, the flat side down makes them slide out easier than they went in. Stop the slip and insert the pins wavy side down.

10. Roll Up the Rim

ketchup hack
Credit: dadpatrol

Ketchup lover? Get some extra space in those little paper ketchup cups by rolling up the rim. More volume means more room for the good stuff.

11. Get More Chicken With Your Wings

chicken wing hack
Credit: dadpatrol

Sometimes it can be hard to get all the meat off of your wings. Get the most out of your next basket of wings by removing the bones before you bite – especially the middle bone.

12. Lid Spoon

DIY spoon hack
Credit: dadpatrol

This is another great trick to teach your kids. If you’ve got yogurt, pudding, or applesauce but nothing to eat it with, fold the lid up into a DIY-spoon.

13. Toilet Roll Speaker

toilet roll speaker hack
Credit: dadpatrol

Sometimes you want the music to be a little louder but you don’t have a speaker. Cut a phone-sized slit in an empty toilet paper roll and use a tack or two to keep it standing. Will it give you surround sound? No, but it will give you a little extra volume.

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14. The Penny-Battery Trick

Penny-Battery Trick
Credit: dadpatrol

When you need AA batteries but you only have AAA, get some pennies to help you out. Stack five pennies on the flat side of the battery (10 pennies total) and your problem will be sold.

15. Egg Yolk Vacuum

egg yolk hack
Credit: dadpatrol

Separating egg yolks is difficult, especially when you want to lose the smallest amount of egg whites possible. Using a clean water bottle, you can actually suck yolks up into the bottle and keep all of the white.

16. Upside-Down Carton Pour

juice box pouring hack
Credit: dadpatrol

One of the hardest parts about pouring juice or milk out of a carton, especially when it’s full, is the glugging. Get a smoother pour by pouring with the lid side up.

17. Collar Iron

Collar Iron hack
Credit: dadpatrol

Your straightener is good for more than just your hair. Use it to quickly touch up shirt and jacket collars instead of getting out the ironing board.

18. The Fly Hook

pants fly hack
Credit: dadpatrol

Getting caught with your fly down is always embarrassing. Attach a keyring to your zipper and hook it around the button before buttoning your pants. That way it will never slide down.

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19. No-Stretch Sweaters

how to hang a sweater hack
Credit: dadpatrol

The traditional way to hang your clothes will cause your sweater to stretch out. Fold it like this to have your sweaters looking good and fitting right for longer.

20. Roll and Back

clothing packing hack
Credit: dadpatrol

Packing is hard. Make it easier by rolling your clothes tightly and then packing them into plastic freezer bags. You will be amazed at how much space this frees up in your suitcase.

21. The Right Way to Wear an Earbud

The Right Way to Wear an Earbud
Credit: dadpatrol

Tired of your earbuds falling out mid-song? Loop them around the top of your ears for a more secure hold.

22. DIY Clothes-Shaver

DIY Clothes-Shaver
credit: @heatherthebird/Instagram

Don’t throw out your sweaters once they develop pills. Use an old razor to carefully shave them off.

Have other hacks you think belonged on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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