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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 27, 2023 ·  2 min read

Have You Seen This? Guy deals with kid playing in his driveway in the best way possible

What would you do if there was a little kid playing in your driveway every night without asking? This YouTuber had the best response to kids playing in his driveway, posting one of the best feel-good videos of the year.

Driveway Racetrack

Every night at the same time, YouTuber Canyon Chasers received an alert from his driveway security camera that there was someone in his driveway. He watched the footage and quickly realized that it was the same little boy in every video.  (1)

The boy, his parents, and their two dogs would go for a walk each night past Canyon Chasers’ house. The boy was always on his bicycle, and upon reaching his house, would go for a quick rip around his driveway before continuing on his way. (1)

Canyon Chasers decided that a plane driveway wasn’t good enough for the little kid, so he drew a race track with chalk on the driveway for him to try out. In the first video, you can tell the boy is a little uncertain but decides to give the track a go anyways. By the time he hits the first turn, you can tell he loves it, and so he keeps coming back every night to practice the course again. (1)

Rain? No Problem.

Chalk, of course, washes away in the rain, so after each rainfall Canyon Chasers draws a new course, making them different and more challenging each time. As he gets better at drawing them, the little boy gets better at riding them. (1)

In one of the clips, you can see the boy and his parents happily waving to the camera.

This little guy isn’t the only one getting enjoyment out of Canyon Chaser’s race tracks. Other passersby – both children and adults – are using them, including one woman who took her baby buggy around the course. (1)

Other Neighborhood Heros

Canyon Chasers isn’t the only one trying to make life a little bit brighter for others during such a difficult time.

A kid in Vancouver drew a massive hopscotch course down his street for everyone to enjoy. The course was so long that some residents said they had to stop partway through to give their legs a break.

A brother and sister in Columbus, Ohio played a porch concert for their elderly neighbor who had to quarantine alone.

How about the neighborhoods in Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Indianapolis for kids and adults in their neighborhood who beat cancer?

2020 has been a tough year for many of us and videos like this remind us all that there is still plenty of good out in the world. Thanks, Canyon Chasers, and everyone else who takes time out of their day to put a smile on other people’s faces.

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