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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
April 22, 2024 ·  6 min read

If You’re Not Handy, Fake It With These 15 Ridiculously Simple Home Repair Tricks

Taking care of your home can sometimes be a job in and of itself. Between clogged drains, loose screws, and fixing screen doors, home repairs can seem daunting for people who are short on time and even shorter on repair skills. The good news is you don’t need to be an expert repairman or carpenter to keep your home in tip-top shape. You also don’t need any fancy tools. All you require is a couple of minutes and a few items you already own. Here are 15 easy tips for home repairs, even if you are not handy.:

1. Use Cooking Spray to Fix A Squeaky Door or Cabinet 

squeeky doors youtube
Credit: Youtube

Squeaky hinges are a pain; they make doors and cabinets seemed older and more worn out than they actually are. You don’t have to be a carpenter to fix this. Simply squirt some cooking spray over the hinges until they stop creaking. 

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2. Paint Screws with Nail Polish to Stop Them from Becoming Loose 

loose screws youtube
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You may know that nail polish can prevent a run in stockings, but that’s not the only thing it could do (aside from painting your nails, of course). If you’re concerned about a screw coming loose, dab some nail polish on it. It’ll act like glue, holding the screw in place.  

3. Achieve the Perfect Caulk Edge Using Tape 

silicone youtube
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Caulk can be tricky for those using it for the first time. It’s not a substance you want to make a mess with. Therefore, if you’re struggling to caulk in a straight line, spread painter’s tape across the designated area. Keep in mind that you must remove the tape while the caulk is still wet. If it dries, removing the tape can remove some of the caulk, ruining the line. 

4. Patch Nail Holes with A Bar of Soap 

bar of soap
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It’s not uncommon to have little nail holes in the wall, but they are unappealing and can ruin the appearance of a fresh white wall. Here’s how you can fill them in: Rub a plain bar of white soap in a circular motion over the holes. If some soap residue remains on the wall, wipe it off with a warm, wet cloth.  

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5. Stop Doors from Slamming with Cabinet Door Bumpers 

Cabinet doors Youtube
Credit: Youtube

Fix noisy doors without any carpentry tools — instead use cabinet door bumpers, which tend to be small and inexpensive. This can stop any noise from a door or drawer closing or rattling in their frames. 

6. Spot a Leaky Toilet Using Kool-Aid or Food Coloring

toilet test youtube
Credit: Youtube

If you think your toilet is leaking, empty a cheap pack of dark-colored Kool-Aid into the toilet tank. Wait half an hour (do not flush the toilet in the meantime) and check the toilet bowl. If the water in the bowl has turned the same color as the Kool-Aid, that’s a clear sign of a leak that should be checked by a professional. You can also just as easily use food coloring.   

7. Unclog a Drain with Vinegar and Baking Soda  

baking soda youtube
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If your sink is draining too slowly and often leaves slimy gunk behind, be rest assured that there is a simple solution with ingredients you already have at home. First, boil up some water and pour it down the drain. Then pour ½ cup of baking soda into the drain, then ½ cup of white vinegar. Wait for 10 minutes then douse the drain with another gush of hot water. Test the tap; it should drain more easily now. 

8. Fix a Screen with Clear Nail Polish 

nail polish youtube
Credit: Youtube

Here’s another fantastic use for clear nail polish. Just like torn stockings, screen windows or doors can be mended with a few drops of nail polish that works as a transparent glue. 

9. Give Your Shower Head a Vinegar “Bath” 

vinegar bath
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A shower head can become grimy and full of mineral deposits after a while. Give it a quick clean by soaking it in a bucket of white vinegar overnight.  

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10. Winterize Windows with Bubble Wrap 

cheap windows youtube
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If a window is letting out the indoor heating and letting in the cold, here’s a simple way to fix it. Wet the window with a bit of water and gently press bubble wrap against the glass. Although the bubble wrap will allow light inside, and not the cold, it’s not the most visually pleasing of looks. This trick is ideal for windows that are out of sight, like in the basement or in guest rooms. 

11. Unscrew A Broken Lightbulb with A Potato 

broken bulb youtube
Credit: Youtube

The biggest concern while removing a dead lightbulb is accidentally breaking it. Trying to remove a shattered lightbulb can be a dangerous and tricky task. Fortunately, there is a way to get it down without hurting yourself. First of all, turn off the power and wear protective gloves. Chop a potato in half and push the open side against the bulb and twist it counterclockwise until the broken glass embeds itself into the vegetable.

12. Use A Rubber Band to Remove Stripped Screws 

rubber band hack youtube
Credit: Youtube

Before attempting to remove a screw with a screwdriver, twist a rubber band around the top of the screw. This will make removing stubborn screws so much easier.  

13. Treat Carpet Dents with Ice Cubes 

ice cube dents youtube
Credit: Youtube

If there’s a dented space on the carpet, fix it with an ice cube. Simply place it on the affected area and allow the water to melt into it. The water should help the carpet spring back to its original shape. Once the space is dry, use a brush with hard-bristles to fluff any areas that are still flat. 

14. Repair Dents in Wood with A Hot Iron 

denst and scratches youtube
Credit: Youtube

It’s natural for dents to occur in wooden furniture and floor, but there’s an easy solution. First, wet the dent with a bit of water then place a damp towel on top of it. Then, in a circular motion, move the iron across the towel. [1] 

15. Clean Your Bathtub with Dish Soap and a Broom 

brooom youtube
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Cleaning the bath can be tough on the back, especially when you need to scrub at particular grubby spots. Instead, squeeze some dish soap all over the bathtub and scrub it off with a broom. The broom saves your back, and the dish soap fights any mildew and dirt in the tub. [2] 

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