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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
January 27, 2024 ·  5 min read

8 Qualities Independent Women Have In Common

One dictionary’s definition of independent women states that she is “a woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and does not allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence.” While efficient, this is a rather brisk and minimal description that only tips the iceberg about who an independent woman truly is. She is the woman who is in total charge of her own life, makes her own decisions regardless of societal expectations, and is fully capable of providing for herself without external support. 

People often ask

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“Why is there little mention of  “independent men”? Why does everyone always have to applaud and profess the excellence of an independent woman?” Simply put, there are cracks in the patriarchal ice that are still present in modern society, no matter how evolved or advanced it may be. We have come a long way, but still a ways to go. We still live in a society that largely expects things to go the “traditional way” when in reality everyone should have a choice of how they decide to live their lives. Strict gender roles should be a thing of the past

These days

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Things are different and women are looking – and going – for more. The world has widely evolved to a point where most women are no longer afraid to stand on their own and live independently for as long as they want. This doesn’t come without a fair share of tongue-lashing and obstacles, but they are doing it regardless of the hurdles. Women are choosing to be seen as individuals who can make their own choices, rather than as entities that were born to tread a path defined by society. Independent women across all ages are goal-driven, confident, and completely unapologetic of their fearless visions and high-rising dreams.

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Independent women are goal-oriented and focused

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Independent women are like a physical embodiment of the quote: “Starve your distractions, feed your focus.” She is driven by her purpose and sets a structure for whatever goals she aims to achieve. She knows she won’t get very far in life if she doesn’t set targets and aim strictly for them. She can be so focused that even down to her daily activities, she sets mini-goals and shoots straight the whole day until every single one is checked off.

She’s not obsessed with her looks

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An independent woman is a confident lady who commands respect and lives up to her own standards. She takes care of herself, eats right, works out to stay fit, and keeps herself well-groomed, but these are not the only things she lives for. There are women out there who spend all of their years and youth chasing the “perfect physical appearance”, so-called beauty standards set by magazines to make sales and promote fashion brands. An independent woman couldn’t care less about these facades. She is just as beautiful as she is and she takes care of the important basics. If someone is not happy with her bust-to-waist proportion, they can go fly off a cliff.

She is self-reliant in all aspects of her life

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This is kind of the whole point of being an independent woman – being able to financially and emotionally secure yourself. Being an independent woman doesn’t mean that when she needs comfort or solace, she must continue to stick to herself and ride it out on her own. It just means that for the most part, she makes an effort to protect and provide for herself, never settling for a situation where she would have to be dependent on anyone other than herself. 

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She is responsible for her own happiness

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She’s not afraid or ashamed of being single or alone. An independent woman does not need anybody’s presence or involvement in her life to be happy. She knows better than to sit around sulking and hoping for someone to come along before she can explore life. She knows how to have all the fun she wants all by herself, and she enjoys the precious time spent with her friends and family.

Independent women are passionate about their work

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An independent woman is not one who goes to work every day, drags herself through the motions of the day, and goes home to continue the never-ending cycle of a purposeless life. She’s an energetic and powerful force that pours all her mind and heart into whatever she does. Whether she works regular hours in an office or establishment or runs her own business, she does everything so heartily that she is always an inspiration to the people around her. 

She knows when to walk away from a stressful relationship

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She’d prioritize her physical, emotional, and psychological safety over a relationship any day. She won’t stick around in abusive relationships because she hopes things will “work out someday”. Once she’d had enough, she’d walk through the door without looking back. Nobody messes with a woman who has full control of her head and heart. When she falls in love, she stays committed and loves with all her heart but once things start to take a toll on her wellbeing, she’s strong enough to pull up and break free.

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Independent women aren’t defined by labels

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An independent woman is one who appreciates her individuality and grasps it with both hands. While she appreciates every aspect of her life and the people in it, she does not like to be described merely by labels such as daughter, wife, mother, employee, partner, and so on. She is who she is, a unique person with her own goals and aspirations, making an impact wherever she can.

She knows she is amazing and would never let anyone tell her otherwise

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We live in a society where people still try to talk down on independent women and make them feel like “badly-told jokes”. You’d often hear comments like, “So she thinks she’s all that?”, “So-called boss lady deceiving herself.” These comments usually come from people who are insecure about themselves and unhappy to see bold women thriving and making the same strides they never could. They would try to talk down on her, but she was far above their level of thinking. She knows she’s an awesome and incredible person who has got her own back at all times. Insecurities are never in her sight because she’s fully aware of herself and in love with the raging storm that is HER.

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