$700 A cabin
Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 4, 2020 ·  2 min read

This Cute-As-A-Button Cabin Only Cost $700 To Build

A Montana couple built the cutest little tiny-house: An A-frame cabin that will make all of your outdoor living dreams come true. The best part? They spent only $700. This is how they did it. (1)

Couple Builds a Tiny $700 Cabin

Alla Ponomereva and her husband like tiny house DIY projects. With 20 acres of land at their home in Montana, they’ve certainly got the space to do it. Their tiny a-frame cabin, which they completed in 2018 is an absolute dream. (2)

Not only that, but their build cost them a mere $700. (1)

How They Did It

In 2017, Ponomereva and her husband came across a design by Derek “Deek” Diedreksen for a tiny a-frame cabin. The design was so adorable they knew they had to try it. They purchased the plan with just three weeks left of summer vacation and started building it right away. (1)

At just 80-square feet, they knew that it wouldn’t take too long for them to construct. They assembled the floor in the level, concrete floor of their barn before transporting it to their chosen location. (1)

Image Credit: Alla Ponomereva

Next, they built the walls and began framing the windows. One of the reasons why they were able to build the a-frame so inexpensively was because they upcycled many of the parts and materials. (1)

For example, they used two small windows from Ponomereva’s sister-in-law’s trailer to build a door. Wood for the door was recycled from an old deck and the door handle is actually an antler that they found. (1)

Image Credit: Alla Ponomereva

Custom-Built $700 Cabin

The cabin contains two beds that can be slid together to make one if desired. The beds required custom mattresses and covers, which Ponomereva made herself. The couple also upcycled some old, aged wood into a gorgeous countertop, as well as some logs to create beautiful, natural-looking steps up to the porch. (1)

Image Credit: Alla Ponomereva

Finally, the goal with the cabin was to make it possible to lay in bed and look at the stars at night time. One side of the a-frame is a see-through moveable wall that allows unlimited access to stargazing. (1)

The $700 cabin also features:

  • A wrap-around porch (2)
  • A small kitchen with one burner for cooking (2)
  • A solar panel to provide power (1)
  • Outdoor portable toilet (2)
  • Solar shower within walking distance (2)
  • Hot tub (3)

The build-time was about three weeks long. What they ended up with is the perfect little outdoor getaway. (2)

Image Credit: Alla Ponomereva

If you absolutely love the look of this cabin and would like to spend a night or two in it yourself – you can! The cabin is listed on Airbnb for around $230 per night.

You can also follow along with the rest of the couple’s builds on their Instagram.

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