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Some people’s relationships make them sick. Not like the expression sick, but actual physical symptoms of sickness.


Before we delve down into relationship sickness, we have to acknowledge that relationships are hard work. There is no doubt about that. They take time, effort, trust, understanding (amongst a 100 of other things) and even when there are bad times or tough conversations, that’s okay. Relationship experts agree that for couples to be more unified, stronger, and understanding of one another, they have to go through arguments or tough life issues.

However, when somebody is in a toxic relationship, their body will begin to manifest specific symptoms of sickness in an effort to indicate that something is not right. Here is why you need to listen to it.


Link Between Health & Relationships

Toxic relationships do not only hurt mentally, but they can also be physically damaging. While life can be stressful as it is, some people experience greater stress around their partner. This often comes as a result of experiencing mental and emotional abuse from our partner. This type of abuse is not easily detected and many people don’t even realize they are dealing with emotional or mental abuse.

A good relationship subconsciously builds us up and makes us feel better about ourselves and life – even through the bad times. A toxic relationship, however, not only makes us feel bad about ourselves, it has the power to damage our health, in more ways than one.

Is my relationship affecting my health? (signs to look out for)

You’re Suddenly Always Anxious


If you’re usually a carefree person by nature, and all of a sudden you find yourself constantly worrying about everything, it could be a sign that your relationship is toxic. This usually stems as a result of not feeling safe or secure within the relationship.

You Feel Sick (All The Time)

This one’s pretty straightforward. A toxic relationship can really start to affect your health. Research has shown that these constant feeling of anxiousness can boost our stress hormone levels and can even lower our precious immune system.

A Headache That Never Goes Away

You might be getting a headache from all the charged up emotions that are seething below or raising to the surface. According to Dr. Sylvie Stacy, a preventive medicine physician, the most common headache catalyzed by a toxic relationship is a tension headache. This is usually a dull pain accompanied by muscular tension in the neck area.

You’re Not Getting Your Zzz’s

Your relationship could be why you’re always up at night. Poor sleep happens as a result of too much stress which causes hyperarousal. Hyperarousal can upset the balance between sleep and wakefulness.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

As we mentioned above, the more stressed you are, the harder it becomes to get a good night’s rest, leading to dark circles and bags under your eyes.

Body Aches

All the negative emotions you are bottling up inside need a release, but you bottle them up in any way. As a result tension in your body turns into random aches and pains. If the pains keep coming back when you’re around your partner, this is an obvious indication that something is not right.

Subtle to Dramatic Weight Loss

As a relationship worsens, some women tend to lose weight because their stomachs are too upset all the time. If you’re experience lack of appetite or sudden weight loss that’s not due to any particular illness of any kind, you may want to look carefully at your relationship.

Your Stomach Just Feels Off

If you’re stressing out day after day, your body goes haywire in more ways than one, including your stomach. Stress makes your stomach produce more acid, which then leads to heartburn and other digestive issues. It could also be your gut telling you that something is wrong.

Skin Breakouts

One of the many ways our bodies respond to stress is by pumping extra hormones, thus making our glands pump more oil. All that oil then gets trapped in our pores and follicles, which basically makes it the perfect breeding ground for breakouts.

You’re Losing Your Hair

If you’re in constant conflict or fighting with your partner day after day, it can make your hair enter what’s called a resting phase. This does not mean that your hair stops growing temporarily, it means that your hair follicles fall out which leads to severe hair loss. Yikes 🙁

Your Libido Is Shot

With all this stress it’s no wonder your libido is gone. Since sexual desire has both physical and emotional components to it, a toxic relationship cuts right to the heart of your libido. It squashes sexual desire because it triggers a continuous chronic stress response in a person – threatening their sense of self. A decrease in sexual desire can be a strong indication that you may not feel emotionally, mentally, or physically comfortable in your relationship.

Bottom Line

No relationship is worth all this stress. Life is too SHORT for people to be staying in unhappy, toxic relationships. We can’t stress how short it is to be wasting time on a relationship that is actually physically making you sick.

If you’re in a toxic relationship, please get out. Seeking help from loved ones, a professional, or even psychic healer, can help you put things into perspective and help you get back on your feet.

We guarantee that once your out and you look back, you’ll wonder why you ever stayed.

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