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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 18, 2024 ·  6 min read

30 Unique Succulents That Look Like They’re From Another Planet

Greetings from the strange and fascinating world of succulents! These ornamental plants have some really unusual designs that resemble something out of the wildest imaginations of fantasy illustrators. Not all cacti are succulents, but almost all succulents are, and succulents thrive well in arid environments. Succulents are one of the most popular plants. So, there’s a good chance you’ll see one of them if you go through any office.

1. Clear Succulent Plants

Clear succulent plants
Image Credits: Etsy, Instagram

One user adds some explanation: “There’s a few plants that have these kind of “widnows” on top of their leaves (google “leaf window”). They are adapted to very harsh, hot climates. The windows allow them to remain mostly buried in the soil and keep the photosynthesizing part of the leaf protected from the harsh conditions while still being able to collect light.

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2. Bunny Succulents

Bunny Succulents
Image Credits: BoredPanda

These succulents are the definition of “cute”. They even have distinguished bunny ears that make the plants absolutely adorable.

3. Rose Succulents

Rose Succulents
Image Credits: BoredPanda

These succulents, known as Greenovia Dodrentalis, resemble roses due to their layered, curled petals. Mostly found in the Canary Islands, they have an unusual and mystical appearance that makes us think they belong in a fairy tale!

4. Unusual Succulent

Unusual Succulent
Image Credits: BoredPanda

With enough care and perseverance, succulents can be nurtured into almost any shape or form. This one looks like a Bonsai tree, complete with its tiny hill.

5. Albuca

Image Credits: Instagram

These succulents look like a tasty snack. As one comment called them: “Curly Q’s“.

6. Trachyandra

Image Credits: BoredPanda

A commenter identified it as Albuca Recurvata. However, others called it the succulent that you would find in Medusa’s chambers.

7. Lithops

Image Credits: Instagram

These unique succulents are quite colorful. When they aren’t though, one user likened them to “brains“. However, in color, it sort of looks like candy.

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8. Conophytum Bilobum

Conophytum Bilobum
Image Credits: Instagram

These heart-shaped succulent plants are perfect for a Valentine’s gift. As such, some opined that they should be named “Heart succulents.”

9. Echeveria

Image Credits: Instagram

Another succulent that looks quite a bit like a rose. However, this one, according to a commenter, also has a variety of colors to choose from.

10. Flowery Succulent

Image Credits: BoredPanda

A rather extravagant succulent is up next. It is called Echeveria Etna, according to a commenter, and most people love it for its vibrant colors.

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11. Aztekium

Image Credits: Instagram

When you look at this succulent, you can see the distinct star-shaped leaves. It’s also a great one for those who like anything geometric.

12. Euphorbia

Image Credits: BoredPanda

As one commenter describes it: “I honestly thought this was a beaded pincushion upon first glance. I had to Google it, and supposedly it is called “euphorbia obesa” and it does indeed look like the photo above. Pretty amazing!

13. Kalanchoe

Image Credits: Instagram

To some, they look like large potato chips, but they might also be toxic to pets. Also, here’s a tip about its care from a commenter: “Lovely plant, very easy to keep and propagate, by the way. It easily develops roots from the stem and leaf stems (as do all members of kalanchoe). Needs a LOT of sun, though.

14. Dolphin Succulents

Dolphins Succulents
Image Credits: BoredPanda

This plant, known as Senecio peregrinus, has a large number of small leaves that resemble tiny dolphins leaping in the air. The finest aspect? The leaves resemble dolphins more and more as the vines grow longer! Thus, the plant not only adds coziness to your house but it’s also quite adorable.

15. Stapelia

Image Credits: Instagram

This one might be a bit more disturbing than the rest. People compared it to a variety of things – from a hairy flower to a tarantula.

16. Boophone Haemanthoides

Boophone Haemanthoides
Image Credits: Instagram

One commenter calls it mesmerizing because of its wave-like appearance. Here are some more details about it from another: “I looked it up and found that this is a geophyte, *???* So I then looked that up: A perennial plant with an underground food storage organ, such as a bulb, tuber, corm, or rhizome.

17. Mermaid Tail Succulent

Mermaid Tail Succulent
Image Credits: Instagram

The fronds make it look like they will wave in the breeze. Nevertheless, it will not at all be out of place in the ocean bed.

18. Jellyfish Succulent

Jellyfish Succulent
Image Credits: Instagram

Here are some details from a commenter: “Just wanted to mention that the top part is a planter and the bottom is the plant itself. Still cool tho, since they grow upside-down.

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19. Pageae

Image Credits: Instagram

Well, these succulents definitely look quite…sensual. Commenters lamented how it looks like the plants got more action than they did.

20. Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Succulent

Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Succulent
Image Credits: Twitter

If it reminds you of a sculpture, then you are probably right because it is sort of “sculpted.” Here is the explanation: “This is not the normal look for this species (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrtillocactus_geometrizans). It has been manipulated to have this cristate (crested look).

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21. Orbea Variegata (Starfish Plant)

Orbea Variegata (Starfish Plant)
Image Credits: BoredPanda

This commenter speaks from personal experience: ” Ooh, I have this one too! Cool plant, awesome flowers which are made to resemble rotten flesh from the color and surface structure (Yes, you read that right. It’s called a carrion flower). Striking and beautiful, needs a lot of heat and sun. But it’s best put in a more airy place where you won’t stay long enough to be bothered by the occasional waft of air blowing the smell into your direction… the flowers smell like rotting flesh, too, after a day or two. Thankfully not that strong, you hardly notice from about a meter away, but you definitely don’t want to have it close to your couch.

22. Gentiana Urnula

Gentiana Urnula
Image Credits: BoredPanda

Here are all the answers you need: “I’ll answer your questions: They do grow indoors & outdoors, they’re from Tibetan, and they have beautiful flowers, ranging from deep violet to bright white.

23. Crassula Umbella

Crassula Umbella
Image Credits: Instagram

As the commenters put it, the green meaty part resembles the images of red blood cells from our Biology books. What does it remind you of?

24. Stringofpearls

Image Credits: Instagram

These succulents are quite fitting for their names. However, people keep thinking they need water when they don’t, so be careful if you are getting one.

25. Condophytum Calculus

Conophytum Calculus
Image Credits: Instagram

Sometimes, it can be mistaken for a type of lithops, but as you can see, it is quite different. A pair of googly eyes would complete its look.

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26. Klubrostok

Image Credits: Instagram

These succulents look like they are cheekily sticking out their tongues at us! Regardless, they are quite cute with their protrusions.

27. Aeonium

Image Credits: Instagram

Another succulent that looks like a mathematically perfect pattern. Some commenters even said that it could work as a table.

28. Bowiea Volubulis

Bowiea Volubulis
Image Credits: Instagram

The one single, huge bulb gave rise to this intricate, network of trendrils. What a fascinating type of succulent!

29. Stapelia

Image Credits: Instagram

Apparently, this is a type of succulent that is a “carrion flower” – a plant that is pollinated via carrion flies. As such, it is advised to be wary of the smell.

30. A Final Weird Succulent

Weird Succulent
Image Credits: Instagram

This succulent can also be a bit too sensual for the ones with an active imagination. As a commenter explains: “Antegibbaeum fissoides if any one was wondering. It only gets really lewd when it flowers because of where that sprouts from.

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