Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
March 30, 2024 ·  9 min read

40+ Hilarious Moments Captured By Google Street View

Be cautious about your actions on the streets—there’s always a chance of your picture ending up online. With Google Street View, cars are like roving cameras, capturing amusing, cringe-worthy, and occasionally quirky snapshots of street life worldwide.

Dentist Chair Transport Service

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

Transporting a dentist’s chair by bike? Why not? Just another day in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Having A Snack

A dog munching on discarded bagels. Dogs will eat anything, won't they?
Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

A dog munching on discarded bagels. Dogs will eat anything, won’t they?

Rag Dolls At The Bus Stop

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

Creepy dolls at a bus stop in Nagoro, Japan. It’s actually an art project reflecting the town’s population decline.

AT-AT Walker Spotted

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

A Star Wars fan’s creation in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s not an Imperial vehicle, but it sure looks cool.

This Maze Is Impossible To Solve

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

The Edmonton Corn Maze—a challenging maze captured by Google Street View.

The Stig Hanging Out

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

The Stig’s doppelganger spotted near Loch Ness, Scotland. Maybe he’s searching for the Loch Ness Monster?

Random Woman

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

A mysterious woman walking along the highway in Roswell, New Mexico. Just another strange sighting in a town known for its mysteries.

Scary Halloween Decorations

Image credit: @cnet/Pinterest

A house decked out with creepy Halloween decorations. Just someone getting into the spooky spirit of the season.

Just a Horse Eating a Banana

Image Credit: @Google/Pinterest

Probably, some dude noticed the Google Street View cameras were out and decided to pull off this big prank. Here, you see this half-human, half-horse sitting at a table munching on a banana. Taken in Victoria, British Columbia, this Google Street View pic shows how people get creative when they know cameras are watching or maybe this guy just enjoys pretending to be a horse on the side of the road. Who knows?

Penguin Goes for a Ride

Image Credit: @buzzfeed/Pinterest

Nothing special here, just a guy taking his stuffed penguin for a really weird bike ride. The bike looks ancient, and the penguin looks like it was picked up at a dollar store. But that doesn’t make the guy any less fond of his little buddy. This photo was taken by Google in Cottesloe, Western Australia, back in December of 2009.

Prank In Progress

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

This photo from sunny Florida captures a prank in the making. You gotta wonder what led to this prank. Maybe the owner of Salon Gallery had enough of someone parking there, or perhaps some rowdy teens were pulling pranks the night before. The outcome? A car (probably a Chevy, but it’s hard to tell) wrapped in plastic wrap. Cruel or not, it’s one way to send a message about bad parking.

Mannequin Pool Party

Image Credit: @My Garden Channel/Youtube

Taken in Harcourt, Ontario, Canada, this art setup is not what you’d expect to see outside a farm. Here, a bunch of mannequins are having a late summer pool party, complete with sunbathing, pool noodles, and a blow-up jacuzzi. Looks like the artist had plenty of time to shop on Amazon for all this stuff. Can’t tell if this was set up for the Google cameras or if someone just really enjoys displaying mannequins.

Cinderella on the Way to the Ball

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

Looks like a wedding parade gone overboard. Or maybe it’s really Cinderella heading to the ball, carriage and all, along England’s Uxbridge Road. It might be adorable, but it’s holding up traffic. While the speed limit is only 20 or 30 miles per hour, a long line of cars is forming, probably full of annoyed drivers not too thrilled about the Cinderella show.

Stuck on the Side of the Road

Image Credit:  @boredpanda/Pinterest

Scotland’s beautiful, but driving there isn’t always a breeze, especially if you’re not familiar with the roads. Full of twists and turns, you gotta keep your wits about you. Otherwise, your car might end up like this one caught by Google’s cameras in 2008—crashed and stuck on a rocky, winding turn.

1000 Scarecrows

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

In 2017, a Reddit user scrolling through Google Maps stumbled upon this eerie sight—a thousand scarecrows standing in a field in Finland. These aren’t your usual straw figures; they’re wearing clothes, looking strangely human-like. Definitely not a place you’d want to be stuck in at night.

Real-Life Squid Game

Image Credit: @imgur/Pinterest

In coastal Norway, Oscarsborg is a small town with its fair share of characters. This image from Google Street View looks like a deleted scene from Squid Game. The actors, decked out in orange jumpsuits, look ready to battle it out, just like in the Netflix series. Hopefully, it’s just a stunt for the cameras.

Unwanted Mannequins

Image Credit: @insider/Pinterest

Creepy mannequins lying in a pile of garbage. Looks like a scene from a horror movie, but it’s just a discarded store display.

Oh, Hello

Image Credit: @sophia971922/Pinterest

A weirdly distorted photo of a man making a strange face. Just another oddity on Google Street View.

No, Thanks

Image Credit: @StreetWorldView/Tumblr

Not everyone’s happy about Google Street View. This person decided to express their displeasure in a rather aggressive way.

A Medieval Battle

Image Credit: @sophia971922/Pinterest

Two guys in medieval gear facing off in modern times. Just a quirky photoshoot or something more?

It’s Lunch Time

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

A bird enjoying a pizza crust—just a funny moment captured by Google Street View.

This Face Is Immortalized Forever

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

A guy with a distorted face, thanks to Google Street View. Not the most flattering photo, but at least it’s memorable.

Not A Great Place To Ski

Image credit: @cnet/Pinterest

Skiing on grass? Probably not the best idea, but this person gave it a shot. Just another weird moment captured by Google Street View.

Seaweed Monster

Image Credit: @Google/Pinterest

Down in San Diego’s Mission Beach, you’ll find all sorts of characters, including this Seaweed Monster. Covered in seaweed, he’s approaching the cameras like he’s about to take them down if they don’t scram off his turf.

A Mummy Getting Water Poured on His Head

Image Credit: @Google/Pinterest

What’s going on here? Apparently, there’s a mummy living in the quiet suburbs, getting chased out by locals pouring water on his head. Why are they both on ladders? Why is this so risky? Google Street View pranksters strike again.

Free as a Bird

Image credit: @cnet/Pinterest

Imagine being this guy, just chilling with his pet bird. It’s a peaceful scene, taken in Portland, Oregon, back in 2011. Walking dogs is common, but birds? Not so much. But hey, birds make good pets too, and this one seems content sticking by its owner.

Apple Shooting

Image Credit: @dailymail/Pinterest

In Wallingford, a quaint New England town, a father and son recreated the famous William Tell moment. Dad’s pointing an arrow at his son’s head, trying to shoot an apple off it. Just a bit of historical recreation captured by Google Street View.

Bear Man on the Porch

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

This alarming photo from 2016 features a man in a bear costume standing in front of a log cabin. It’s meant to be funny, but it comes off a bit terrifying. Looks like something out of an avant-garde horror movie.

Fishing for Compliments

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

Bergen, Norway, known for its scenic beauty, also has residents with a sense of humor. This Google Street View snap caught two “scuba divers” fully geared up but on dry land. Looks like they’re ready for a dive, though there’s no water in sight.

A Birds Sequel


Seagulls swarming cars? Sounds like a scene from a horror movie, but it’s just a weird Google Street View snapshot.

Scuba Guys At It Again

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

Two guys in scuba gear strolling down the street—no water in sight. Maybe it’s a trend or just a couple of guys having fun with the Google car.

Floating Ramones Fan

Image Credit: @boredpanda/Pinterest

A glitch in the camera made this Ramones fan look like he’s floating in mid-air. Just another oddity captured by Google Street View.

Oh No

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

This creepy photo from Nancy, France, looks like something out of a horror movie. Either it’s a prank or someone’s got some seriously creepy decorations.

Werewolf & Co.

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

Teenagers playing dress-up or an actual werewolf invasion? You decide. Another strange scene captured by Google Street View.

Cat Conductor

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

A cat wearing a conductor hat? Just another day on Google Street View. This furry friend looks like he’s got an important job to do.

An Almost-Scary Story

Image Credit: @insider/Pinterest

A girl playing a prank on the ground, making it look like she’s unconscious. Just a funny moment captured by Google Street View.

“The Portal to Hell”

Image Credit: @insider/Pinterest

A glitch in Google’s equipment or something more sinister? This creepy photo from New Baltimore, New York, got its name for a reason.

We Won’t Tell Anyone What We Saw

Image Credit: @insider/Pinterest

A flaming van and a shirtless man calmly watching. Is it a crime scene or just a strange coincidence? Another mystery captured by Google Street View.

Dinner Time

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

In Kamchatka, Russia, Kurile Lake is home to plenty of wildlife, including bears. This photo looks straight out of National Geographic, with a bear feasting on salmon. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of fish in the lake.

A Rainbow

Image Credit: @Google/Pinterest

Not all Google Street View captures are bizarre; some are simply beautiful, like this rainbow against the English countryside. Just a lovely moment captured for all to see.

Stag Run

Image Credit: @dailymail/Pinterest

This photo from Norway shows a stag running away from the Google Street View car. Clearly, it didn’t want its picture taken. It’s not clear what type of deer it is, but it’s probably a Roe deer, common in Scandinavia.

Is that a UFO?

Image Credit: @TheSunOnline/Pinterest

This mysterious image from Florida in 2018 sparked UFO rumors. It’s probably just a butterfly, but who knows? The Bermuda Triangle’s known for strange occurrences.

Living on the Edge

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

This person clearly wanted to show off for Google Street View but ended up looking like they’re about to fall off their motorcycle. Lesson learned: don’t do anything risky for a photo op.


Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

Matosinhos Beach in Portugal apparently has triplets roaming around—or it’s just a glitch in the Google Street View image. Either way, it’s a strange sight.


Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

A boy being chased by another on a horse isn’t something you see every day, but maybe in a place where horses on sidewalks are normal.


Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

Looks like a frog splattered onto the Google Street View camera, obscuring the image. Poor frog, poor camera.

Another Horse Head

Image Credit: @mashable/Pinterest

Horse masks are a trend, apparently. This photo captured a man casually walking down the street wearing one.

Disappearing Torsos

Image Credit: @cnet/Pinterest

Anchorage, Alaska, has its share of oddities, including this photo that looks like a glitch in the Matrix. It’s probably just a camera malfunction, but it’s fun to speculate.

Stiff Competition

Image Credit: ©r/googlestreetviewfinds/Reddit

Looks like the Google Street View cars got caught in their own shot, creating a mirror image. Just a funny mishap that resulted in a double capture.


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