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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 1, 2024 ·  3 min read

7-Year-Old Boy Saves His 20-Year-Old Sister Who Was Having a Seizure from Drowning

“That’s my hero. My angel. My brother.”

Who says guardian angels don’t come in the form of siblings? 

20-year-old Morgan Smith is lucky to be living with a real-life superhero who would do anything to have her from distress [1]. He doesn’t wear a cape or have super-speed, but his love for his sister is all the superpower he’ll ever need.

The siblings who are from Brantley County, Georgia, were having fun in the backyard pool when Morgan began to seize. 

Speaking to Action News Jax on Fox 30, Morgan, who has a medical condition said she had been sitting on the pool steps when she began to lose her vision [2]. Unconsciously, she fell backward into the pool and started seizing in the water. A couple more minutes and she would have drowned.

Fortunately, Aiden McCullough, Morgan’s 7-year-old brother had been nearby when his sister needed him the most. He jumped into the pool and held her head up by the hair while he screamed for help. He couldn’t have pulled her out of the pool, so he just kept her nostrils above the water while he called out for her.

He has never been taught how to help me,” Smith told WJAX’s Christy Turner. “He just knew I needed to be helped and did it.”

Superman Aiden embraces his new title as big sister’s hero

According to Aiden who says he loves his sister a lot, his first reaction to the scene was thinking that his sister was going to die. Thankfully, he was not about to let that happen.

“I was thinking, like, ‘Oh, my god. Oh, my God. She’s going to die.’” He knew that going inside to find an adult would further endanger his sister’s life, and attempting to pull her out wasn’t feasible for his small frame. Holding her head up for air was the smartest move he could have made at that critical moment.

According to Morgan, she was previously dealing with at least 2 to 3 seizures every day. However, she’s been placed on an anticonvulsant medication routine and she hasn’t had any occurrences ever since. That day at the pool was just a big stroke of bad luck. There was no adult nearby and unfortunately, the seizure happened while she was in the water, a situation that could have drastically reduced her chances of survival. 

I know that there are real-life angels because I’m lucky enough to call him mine,” Morgan said tearfully. “I have an everyday superhero in my life. I love you and I’m so thankful for you every day,” she said to Aiden. “You are forever my hero and every day I’m only more thankful that I get to call you my little brother. Sissy always loves you.”

Morgan says she’ll make sure to always have a grown-up around while swimming. She and Aiden have always had a strong bond. This event in their lives has made that bond an unbreakable one. 

When asked if he feels like a superhero, Aiden said, “Yes. I do. I think it’s amazing. I will never forget it.” WJAX should consider sending him a cape and visors to complete the effect.


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