glass house
Jade Small
Jade Small
April 24, 2024 ·  1 min read

This artist couple build an incredible cabin out of recycled windows for under $500

Micro homes and sustainable building practices are on the rise. People don’t need big homes or lavish settings. The newer generation is more focused on utility, knowing that through smart design, beauty will flow.

Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz are a design couple that really showed off the possibilities in smart building.

They quit their jobs and struck out on their own in the pursuit of fulfillment and happiness. They set up camp in the mountains of West Virginia, living off rice and beans. They started to build their own special hideaway out of recycled windows, re-purposed wood, and other miscellaneous materials. The total came to an insane five hundred dollars!

Most of the materials came from an abandoned barn near by. The entire front of the building is a delightful mashup of different salvaged windows. They are all different sizes, shapes and styles. The structure is entirely off the grid as it has no electricity, plumbing or gas at the moment.

The couple has re-entered the workforce but still comes to the cabin to connect with nature and reclaim their sanity. Nick is a photographer and Lilah is a clothing designer. They built the house all by themselves. It was hard work but they both are deeply satisfied with the creation of their cabin. They had been collecting the windows throughout their road trip adventures.

The video below highlights their feelings and thoughts on their unique home. Both agree that building this home, strengthened their confidence and perspectives. On their first date, wandering through the West Virginia mountains they expressed they both wanted to build a home there. When they quit their jobs, they returned to the same spot to build their dream home.