Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
February 11, 2024 ·  3 min read

25 year old dad takes diet pills to lose weight – ends up almost losing one of his legs instead

Chances are, if you’ve considered weight loss, you’ve been tempted to try diet pills. Marketed as “the easy way” to lose fat, diet pills can seem like a good solution for someone busy with kids or work. While not all diet pills are as fatally dangerous as the one in this story, always remember that you must talk to a doctor about any pills or supplements you’d like to try.

Young Dad Nearly Loses his Life to Diet Pills

The daytime TV show The Doctors aired this episode, aiming to spread the word about the dangers of diet pills. It’s an important awareness message.

Warning: The video contains graphic images of the tissue damage to his leg. 

The Horror of DNP

The drug this man took is called DNP, or 2,4-Dinitrophenol. The way DNP works is by sabotaging the ability of the body’s cells to process energy. Instead of converting food into fat or energy, the cells burn it off as heat. The human body cannot manage all the excess heat and becomes hyperthermic.  It’s important to note that hyperthermia does not lead to this type of damage. It is not known why the DNP pills he took caused this reaction. However, DNP has been known to cause skin lesions, cataracts, and brain damage. It was banned in 1938 when the severe risks of the drug were discovered.

Holistic Alternatives to Diet Pills

While not all diet pills are as dangerous as DNP, in most cases they are a waste of time and money. There’s a better way. Don’t attack your body with drugs and pills. Respect it and use nutrition and real, effective strategies to shed pounds. Doesn’t your body deserve a little love?

Boost Metabolism and Energy Level

This great article from Healthy Holistic Living explains how eating more, not less, is the key to jump starting the metabolism. Eat frequent meals of whole foods like vegetables, low-fat cheese, whole grains, lean meats, and fruit. Increase the amount of energy you spend throughout the day. Exercise can be structured, like taking a spin or yoga class, or more unstructured, like going for brisk walks, jogging or playing outside with your kids.

Cut Out Processed Foods

Garbage in, Garbage out. Reducing your intake of processed, sugary, and trans-fatty foods will do wonders for your waistline.

Cut out Soft Drinks, Hard Drinks, or Both

Sugary soda pop has many adverse health effects, including weight gain. It’s not enough to switch to diet–studies show that diet soda does not help you lose weight. Furthermore, alcoholic drinks can be big caloric burdens as well. However, there is evidence that red wine could be an exception in moderation. Overall, ditch the fire-water and try lemon water instead for its many health benefits.

Try Meditation

The centering practice of meditation can help you lose a few pounds. Incorporating meditation into your daily routine is part of a healthy lifestyle. By using meditative techniques while eating, you can focus on each bite, slow down, and enjoy your food more, increasing your feelings of satisfaction. Check out this article from Family Life Goals for more on this tip.

Drink Water

Not getting enough water could be the cause of many weight troubles. Try reading this piece about hydration to make sure you’re getting enough.

Love Yourself

When you respect your body and try to give yourself what you need to thrive, you’ll never put yourself in a situation like this. After all- don’t you deserve a healthy, happy body?