Posted on: July 20, 2016 at 10:39 am
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It’s that time of year and the bugs are biting!

As summer arrives and you venture outside for more adventurous activities, you will become a snack for mosquitoes and other equally annoying bugs.  My kids and I seem to be mosquito magnets, so getting relief from bites is a must for us. Using the power of just a few readily available essential oils and other simple natural ingredients, this bug bite relief stick will help to relieve the pain, reduce the redness and most importantly, stop the itching!


  • Lavender Essential Oil (get it here)
  • Peppermint Essential Oil (get it here)
  • 2 tablespoons Beeswax Pastilles (get them here)
  • 2 tablespoons Coconut oil (get it here)
  • Lip balm containers (get them here)
  • Heatproof container with a spout
  • Bamboo skewer (for stirring)

For the containers, I chose to use the small lip balm container tubes for easy application. They usually come in packs of 25. That may seem like a lot, but for this recipe, I was able to fill 14 tubes. Each tube holds 3/16th of an ounce.  If you don’t want to make that many, you can use a half pint canning jar.


Step 1

Add the beeswax and coconut oil to a heatproof container with a spout. It’s important that you use one with a spout. This will make it much easier to pour into the tubes later.

Step 2

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Set the container with the beeswax and coconut oil into a heavy bottom pan with 2 inches of water. Put the pot onto a burner and turn it on to a low heat. Allow the coconut oil and beeswax to melt, stirring often with the bamboo skewer.

Step 3


Once melted, carefully remove the container for the pan. Add 20 drops of Lavender and 20 drops of Peppermint essential oils to the melted beeswax and coconut oil. Mix thoroughly.

Step 4

Line up your lip balm tubes on a cookie sheet or flat surface lined with a towel. The towel will help prevent the tubes from slipping while you pour. Fill the tubes to just barely to the top. Let the tubes cool; they will turn opaque as they solidify.



Apply the bug bite relief stick liberally to any bug bite. The coconut oil and beeswax will help keep the bite moist and promote healing of the affected area. The peppermint helps relieve pain and the lavender will reduce inflammation.

The essential oils are also antibacterial. Carry a tube in your bag and give one to each member of your family. My kids each carry one when we are out and about, especially on hikes. With your bite relief sticks in stock, you’ll have no worries about spending more time outdoors.

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