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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
December 14, 2023 ·  4 min read

Father Dies Suddenly While Walking on Beach with Young Daughter

In June of 2023, one New Zealand family suffered an unimaginable tragedy. The father died unexpectedly. To make matters worse, the family has also spent the last few months without any answers regarding his cause of death, until now. 

A Father’s Untimely Death

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and its “most walkable city,” is renowned for being an art hub with several hidden gems like bars, cafes, and restaurants. Furthermore, it’s also well known for its incredible beachline coasts. As such, resident Andre Bradshaw was out on a stroll with his 2-year-old daughter, Skyla. They left the house around 11:50 and were out enjoying a breath of fresh air when tragedy struck. Reports show that the 25-year-old’s body was found at 12:10 by “a member of the public” with his toddler beside him. 

Little girl kisses her dad on the cheek.
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Bradshaw’s partner and Skyla’s mom, Meya Cameron started a ‘Give a Little’ page in hopes of setting Skyla up for a brighter future after experiencing such a traumatic and heartbreaking event. “Andre passed away doing what he loved the most, walking on the beach with Skyla, and Skyla witnessed it. ‘We are in complete shock. Skyla was everything to Andre and Skyla will always look up to her Dada,” Cameron disclosed. 

Unknown Cause of Death

Although it’s incredibly heartbreaking to lose a loved one, it’s even more painful without any sense of closure. For months, Bradshaw’s death has been an unexpected mystery, and his family has been without answers. However, a breakthrough has been made, and his cause of death has finally been discovered. 

Forensic pathologist Dr Judy Melinek and Coroner, Mark Wilton, have made some recent findings and have now shared them with the family and the public, deeming Bradshaw’s cause of death as “asphyxia by sand”. As well as discovering that a “medical episode” also played a role. Dr. Melinek discovered that there was sand and debris in Bradshaw’s windpipe. Therefore, it’s evident that Bradshaw was still alive and breathing when he hit the ground. 

Coming to a Conclusion

However, this only explains half of his cause of death. Bradshaw’s unexpected collapse into the sand may have had something to do with a health scare the night before his untimely death. It turns out that Bradshaw had been to the hospital the night before his death for severe neck and upper back pain. He went to the Wellington Accident and Urgent Medical Centre and was given a prescription for Tramadol before being sent home.

A rare condition is the Culprit 

Bradshaw suffered from a condition called, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). The condition brings many unanswered questions as medical professionals still aren’t sure exactly what causes it. However, it is believed to be the result of an injury or “difference in the peripheral and central nervous systems”. Most often occurring after surgery, or health scares like heart attacks and strokes. Although it is easily treatable when caught early, so little is known about the condition it’s still in some cases, very unpredictable. 

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However, the symptoms are fairly recognizable. Some include changes in skin color, texture, hair, and nails. Skin sensitivity or sensations of burning or throbbing. Muscle spasms and tightness accompanied by severe pain. As well as “seizure-like conversion”. Oddly, in some people the condition will go away or lessen on its own and over time. On the other hand, some may struggle with symptoms for months or years. 

Elements of the Unexpected Death

Mr. Bradshaw’s final death report states that Dr. Melinek also found evidence of excess fluid in his lungs. Another interesting finding by Melinek was three different flu-like viruses in a blood sample. Although it’s unclear how big a role this detail played in Mr Bradshaw’s premature death. Sadly, his death is seemingly the result of his body’s inability to overcome numerous obstacles. 

Regardless, his family has suffered a major loss but not just Skyla and her mom. Bradshaw’s sister Krystle also publicly shared her sentiments toward her brother. “Gone way too soon. Words cannot express how broken I am over the loss of you. You always carried nothing but kindness in your heart and were always looking for the best in people.” She lovingly recalled. “You will remain forever and always in our hearts.”

Bradshaw’s family has received more than 100 donations totaling almost $10,000. However, the road to healing from an event like this is long and emotional and the family will certainly need all the love and support they can get. Check out their fundraising page here. 

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