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Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
June 1, 2020 ·  2 min read

Is The Hearty Soul Fake News? Here’s How We Fact Check And Validate Our Content

Fake news is a broad term that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some use it to describe content that is outright false, written in a misleading way, or as an attack on content they personally disagree with, regardless of accuracy. At The Hearty Soul, we define fake news as content that contains false or fabricated information and has no verifiable sources. Periodically we are approached with the question: is The Hearty Soul fake news? Let’s dig into the answer to that question.

Is The Hearty Soul’s content fact checked?

The short answer to this question is yes! All content on The Hearty Soul conforms to a set of fact checking guidelines. We source our information from credible sources, such as reputable publications, news media websites, and peer-reviewed journals. We do our best to vet every single source we use for bias and credibility, and broadly speaking, we believe that if a claim is too good to be true, it probably is.

Additionally, we strive to go beyond the headlines to interpret findings, particularly when they relate to science and health, and ensure that scientific studies are not being misconstrued in any way.

Finally, we readily disclose our sources with in-text citations, hyperlinks, and a reference list at the bottom of the article. We want our readers to be able to validate the content we publish and the sources we use in the same way that we do. This is how trust is built between publications and readers in an age where fake news spreads readily.

I saw something that seemed sensationalized/fake

We painstakingly fact check each and every article that we publish, but we recognize that sometimes new information is presented that renders old information invalid and that we’re only human – sometimes we mess up. If you’ve spotted something on The Hearty Soul that you feel is sensationalized or fake, we encourage you to reach out to us by email right away at [email protected]. Please include the link to the article in question and we will review and fact check immediately.

We are grateful to have you as readers and are glad that you’ve taken the initiative to look a bit deeper and validate our content. We strongly encourage everyone to look at the day’s news and viral stories through a skeptical lens and take steps to choose content from publications that engage in trustworthy behavior and utilize strict content guidelines.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!