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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
May 18, 2024 ·  2 min read

Minimalist Pallets Over Expensive Frames: 14 Creative Ideas To Design Your Pallet Platform

Wood and plastic pallets are in vogue right now. They are the new bed rage all over social media and it’s no wonder why. Pallets are normally used in storage and shipping structures, but, apparently, they are also useful as bedroom furniture.

Since buying a framed bed these days is synonymous with breaking a bank account, a pallet platform for your mattress is a far cheaper and more economical alternative. Contrary to what a lot of people think, pallets don’t all look the same. They can be designed and customized in dozens of ways and they actually give a room a homier feel.

The cost of having a pallet platform built or buying one varies, depending on your region and country. They may be a bit costly in countries where wood is imported, but generally, pallets are incredibly affordable. On Amazon, the price of a quarter wood pallet ranges from $12 to $20. The dimensions vary widely and cannot be placed at a specific range. Plastic pallets are more expensive and are priced at $80 – $120 for a standard-sized platform.

The best thing about pallets is that they almost always come already-made. However, if the wood pieces are separated, you don’t need any major carpentry and joinery skills to build your platform. 

Below are 14 awesome pallet ideas sure to be in vogue this year:

Enchanted underworld

This design is perfect for a child’s room, especially when they are at the “monster-under-my-bed” phase. A tangle of lovely fluorescent lights under their beds would help them sleep better at night, and it looks quite perfect during the day.

Cottage for a little princess

Plastic pallets

High-rising platform

You’d feel as though you slept on a roof with this one.

Futuristic décor

This design is great for teenagers and you could switch out the g-clef accessory with whatever your kid is crazy about.

Sofa bed

If sofas are too uncomfortable for you in a bedroom, you could use a half-sized pallet and a mini mattress to build a comfy sofa bed. 

Simple and perfect

Illuminated underworld

This is perfect for people who do not like bright lights or total darkness while they sleep. Soft yellow lights illuminating the floor is all the balance you need.

Step-in like you own the place

Triple-layer illuminated design

Space for stuffed animals


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