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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
September 24, 2020 ·  3 min read

Family Finds Incredibly Sweet Hidden Note Left by Girl in Second-hand Caravan – Sparks New Trend Online

It’s a beautiful thing to leave something of yourself everywhere you go – something nice to let another person know that this space used to be full of positive energy. Finding hidden items or messages in new homes or vehicles can be sometimes scary or even sinister, but this little girl had nothing but love and kindness to spread.

Last month, a woman named Kristy Duncan posted a picture of a secretly hidden letter on the Facebook page called ABC Adelaide. She’d just purchased a second-hand caravan for her family and apparently, the letter was left in a drawer by a 10-year-old girl whose family had previously owned it [1]. The girl, named Poppy left an adorable pencil-written note in her bunkbed drawer, held down by a pretty white bracelet.

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“I hope that you enjoy this caravan very much.”

She told the family that she’d traveled half of Australia in the same caravan, sweetly mentioning that the drawer holding the letter was where she kept all her “special things”. She finally left them with a warm piece of advice.

Her note read: “Hi, my name is Poppy and I am 10 years old. This used to be our caravan and we travelled half of Australia in it. This was my bed (the top bunk) and it was very good. This draw (which is where you found this letter) was where I kept all of my special things that I couldn’t leave behind when we went travelling. I hope that you enjoy this caravan very much. I am in grade 5 and I am very good at art. I have a message for you; Follow your dreams and if you have the choice between being right or being kind choose kind. Enjoy this caravan.”

Poppy is truly an old soul. With over 96,000 reactions and 5,500 shares on Facebook, Poppy’s kind letter has gone deservedly viral and people are calling the young girl a legend for spreading so much positivity at a young age. Her parents are doing a great job of raising a phenomenal woman.

Others share their hidden note experiences

Apparently, hidden notes and secrets letters are more common than we thought and Poppy’s story had so many people coming forward with theirs.

Some of the best ones are listed below:

By Mark Douglass on Facebook: “Not hidden… but placed on my car window prior to Christmas last year from a stranger. Was a lovely message that came at a good time for me.”

By Jessica Finn on Facebook: “A beautiful friend of mine was going through cancer treatment and was in the change room and found this. It filled her with love and hope.”

By Laura Irvin on Facebook: “I found this around Easter time at my work (supermarket). I was incredibly stressed and overwhelmed at the time with how busy it was because of COVID/panic buying and I cried when I found this lovely letter.”

By Marisa Dinham on Facebook: “Found this in a plane magazine when I needed it most.”

By Maddy Ludwig on Facebook: “Not so much a letter, but this was written in place of a mirror in a hostel bathroom in Cambodia.”

By Kerrie Sacco on Facebook: “From my granddaughter when aged 6 1/2 for my birthday.”

All these messages are so adorable. It’s actually pretty sweet to leave nice notes for other people to find. It’s one of the most subtle and underrated ways of spreading genuine love and positive vibes.

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