Once you finish your next toilet paper roll, don’t throw it away! There are so many nifty ways you can transform a simple cardboard roll into beautiful decorative pieces and storage utilities for your home.

Organize Your Cords

Wrap up cords in a toilet paper roll to prevent tangling that can lead to damage.

cord organizer

Store Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper rolls can create a big mess in our house, but with toilet paper rolls, they’ll stay securely in place. toilet paper roll hacks

Organize Your Scarfs and Socks

By placing toilet paper rolls in your drawers you can keep your favorite accessories compact and coordinated.

scarf organizer


Decorative art mirror

Once you’ve collected enough empty toilet rolls, you can recycle them into gorgeous ornaments to add to a plain mirror. It’s  a great way to add a rustic style to your drab wall mirror.

If interested, you click here for the full step-by-step tutorial.

reuse toilet paper

Christmas Ornaments


This is a great activity to do with kids this holiday season. Transform your toilet paper rolls into adorable hedgehogs.


Create storage container for toy cars

Everyone knows how much mess kids can make with their belongings, so use empty toilet paper rolls to store small toys like action figures, cars or even coloring pens and pencils. Separating and organizing your child’s’ toys with this technique will keep your playroom neat and safe. It can also prevent standing or slipping on items left on the floor.

toilet paper roll organizer

Create An Elegant Gift Container

This step requires a bit of the art of paper folding, but when done right can act as great containers for gifts. These are perfect for the holidays; they make great stocking-stuffers and are easier to use than crinkly, wasteful wrapping paper. diy gift wrap


Seed starter


Cardboard is biodegradable and can be absorbed by the plants to aid its growth! Whether you want to grow your flowers or herbs, toilet paper rolls provide a natural, inexpensive alternative to pots.

Find out more details by clicking here.

diy seed starter

Desk organizer

Searching through your office to find a pencil or a pair of scissors is time-consuming, but most office stationary can be boring or tacky. Using toilet paper rolls to organize your workspace. It’s a fun and cheap alternative spending money on storage supplies. The nature-inspired pencil holder below is another great example of adding your own flare to your storage space.

diy desk organizer

toilet paper roll crafts

Organize Your Yarn

This is great for sewers; simply wrap the yarn/string around the toilet paper to replace yarn organizer

Bird Feeder

By using peanut butter or coconut butter as an adhesive, stick birdfeed to a toilet paper roll.

easy diy bird feeder

Do you think you’ll use any of these in your home?

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