Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 7, 2024 ·  2 min read

Some people are only now realizing what the “WC” sign stands for on washrooms

Washrooms all over the world are called by different names. In fact, in some countries, washrooms are called by more than a single name. Case in point, the United Kingdom- where public toilets are referred to in many ways. Some call it a restroom, while others call it a loo.

However, there are quite a few public toilets in the island nation that are signaled by a WC toilet sign, yet, apparently, very few people really know what that is. And we would have been forever left in the dark if not for the efforts of a TikTok user who responded to a follower who asked him what WC stood for. The clip was viewed over 3,500 times, and the social media user dropped some education on the rest of us. 

Image Credits: TikTok | @itsnathannyc

The WC Toilet Sign- What Did It Stand For?

The TikToker, mentioned, “Before indoor plumbing, we actually had a room for the bathrub, a bathroom. But the spout was outside. You had to carry water in with a bucket, heat it up, pour it in the tub. Indoor plumbing comes along and there is already a room with a bath, the bathroom, so where do you put the toilet? Just put it in a closet, it’s the easiest place to put a toilet.” The TikToker then revealed that the WC toilet sign actually stood for the water closet. 

Needless to say, this revelation led to many discussions, with people being surprised- even though the sign has been in use since the 1870s. One user wrote, “I’m glad someone asked because I’ve been wondering about this for years but never googled it.” Another user commented, “Can’t believe I’ve been living with a WC sign and had no idea why it was called WC.” A third user chipped in with, “I was 23 y/o when I learned that WC is called water closet.” This led to another individual commenting, “I know what a water closet is, but don’t use it (don’t use the word- do use the WC.)

Some other users were just surprised that there were people worldwide who didn’t know the full form of the WC toilet sign. One user stated, “I’ve known this since I was 13?” Someone else mocked, “Convinced I live in LA because of the common sense levels in the UK, or lack thereof.” A third user wrote, “What? Who doesn’t know this?” 

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