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4 logical reasons why you should never wear flip-flops again

Flip flops are the summer go-to: no socks, no fuss, no muss. Well, no socks anyway. I’m not sure what muss is, but there is some fuss that comes with flip flops.

Just ask the 23, 300 people admitted to the Emergency Room last year because of flip flop-related injuries. That’s fuss. Doctor fuss. Family fuss. Someone fussing over some flip flop-wearing someone else. A lot of someone elses.

And those were just the injuries. Those are easy to spot because you end up in the ER. What about more subtle problems? Anyone will notice a popped knee or sprained ankle, but what about the problems that come with the abrupt change from well-supported feet to open-toed flip flops?

A lot of people find flip flops easy, affordable, and for some reason stylish. And they are easy and affordable so I can see why people reach for them. Just slip into these sandals, and you’re flip flopping your way to the store, friend’s house, beach, or wherever you needed to get to.

The 5 Health Risks Of Flip Flops

That’s right, summer’s not all sunshine and daisies. If you’ve got flip flops on I’d rethink your sandal situation whether you’re running to the store or hopping in the family sedan. Here are the problems with flip flops and how to solve them.

1. Posture/ shooting pains:

Flip flops are usually under $5 and usually made of cheap plastic and rubber. The reason flips flops come in a variety of colours but just one fits-all size is to sell as many of them as possible.

These cheaply made sandals can cause problems. Mainly, you’ve switched into wearing them too much, too soon. Your foot is still remembering its place in the shoe you had just been wearing in cooler months. That shoe, with good heel support, laces that tie up, and a little bump under the arch in your foot. That’s called arch-support and that’s what your flip flops are missing.

2. Bunions and Hammertoes

The lack of arch support can also lead to bunions or bunionettes (which form on the little toe side). Both cases are caused by shifting ligaments and small bones in your foot from overwearing flip flops. They are also commonly caused by wearing high heels, which tend to cinch toes into an unnatural position.

Similarly, flip flops force your toes to curl under while walking, since there isn’t much of a mechanism to keep your feet inside them otherwise. Overtime, this can lead to hammertoes, a condition in which your toes stay in a curled position. This can cause hardened callouses on the tops of your toes that are aggravated when wearing closed-toe shoes.

What To Do:

Wear your flip flops in moderation. Give your feet the support they need. Wear sandals that have a strap around the back of your heel, and over your foot as well. If you need to have flip flops, get ones made of soft leather that forms to the shape of your foot. They’ll be a bit more expensive, but you’ll be sure not to lose them!

3. Bacteria/ infection:

The cheap rubber and plastic used in your “affordable” flip flops is bad news. Especially if they’re last-season. Not only will you not have the latest trend of flip flop, but you’ll also be bringing all of last year’s gunk and germs with you.

What To Do:

Buy new ones. The soft leather ones I was on about earlier. The higher quality flip flop won’t suck up and retain as much sweat and bacteria as the cheap ones do.

4. Open to cuts and blisters:

Yes it’s good to let your toes breathe, but you also leave your entire foot open to damage. Broken bottles, garbage, other various fluids that you don’t want to be stepping in. You can see why a closed-toe style is beneficial in some places, not to mention if your feet sweat, you’ll be slipping all over your flip flops.

What To Do:

Moderation. And you’ve got to check your feet more closely. Because your feet will be on display when you wear your flip flops, this could be the perfect reason to get that pedicure.

5. Driving:

Driving in flip flops is dangerous. You’re actually asked not to drive if you’re wearing flip flops, because they can fall off your feet and stick behind the break impairing your ability to drive properly. Also, they may be distracting, if you’re prone to playing with your flip flops.

What To Do:

Just don’t do it. If you need to drive somewhere, put some shoes on. When you get behind the wheel of a car you’re not just endangering your own life, you endanger everyone else on the road.

Don’t ditch all your flip flops just yet – just remember what you’ve read here next time your reach for your flip flops for the fourth day in a row. Especially if you’re going on a road trip. Even more especially if you’re driving.

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