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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
July 3, 2024 ·  3 min read

There Are 7 Types of Old Age. Which Are You?

Aging is a unique experience for everyone, and how people age can vary greatly. Gone are the days when old age was a one-size-fits-all concept. Today, older adults are redefining what it means to grow old, embracing different lifestyles and attitudes. Here, we explore seven types of old age and help you determine which category you might fall into.

1. Fit Midlifer

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Fit Midlifers defy traditional notions of aging by maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle well into their later years. These individuals, aged anywhere between 45 to 80, often look and feel younger than their age, thanks to a combination of fitness, diet, and a positive outlook on life. They can be seen participating in marathons, attending yoga classes, and generally staying in shape. This category is characterized by a refusal to let age define physical capabilities.1

Spotting The Signs:

  • Regular participation in physical activities
  • Wearing smaller jeans than they did at 30
  • Admiration for fit celebrities like Paul McCartney

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2. Typical Boomer

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Typical Boomers are those aged between 57 and 75 who may not necessarily be fit but don’t consider themselves old. They often maintain a youthful spirit and engage in activities that keep them feeling young at heart. Typical Boomers might not look drastically different from their parents at the same age, but they believe they are bucking the aging trend through their lifestyle choices.2

Spotting The Signs:

  • Owning trainers and eating couscous
  • Attending concerts, albeit less frequently
  • Engaging in conversations about modern shows like “Topboy”

3. Trad Oldster

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The Trad Oldster embraces old age gracefully and prefers a more relaxed lifestyle. They have no interest in keeping up with the latest fitness trends or diets. Instead, they enjoy the comforts of retirement, spending time at home with family and pets, and engaging in leisure activities like watching TV.

Spotting The Signs:

  • Contentment with staying at home
  • Watching shows like “Antiques Roadshow”
  • Minimal concern about physical fitness

4. Reckless Oldster

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Reckless Oldsters are the more adventurous and carefree counterpart to Trad Oldsters. They tend to live life on the edge, often spending their money on spontaneous projects and enjoying a carefree attitude towards their health and well-being. With their old age comes the carefree nature of what comes next. This group is characterized by their love for gadgets, late nights, and a disregard for conventional health advice.

Spotting The Signs:

  • Spending on gadgets and unwise projects
  • Keeping odd hours
  • Minimal health-conscious behaviors

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5. Cool Old Granny/Grandpa

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Cool Old Grannies and Grandpas have a stylish and youthful demeanor. They might resist the label of being old in age, but their lifestyle and appearance often leave a lasting impression on younger generations. These individuals enjoy staying trendy and are often involved in various modern cultural activities.

Spotting The Signs:

  • Being mistaken for being younger than they are
  • Participation in events like concerts
  • A trendy wardrobe

6. Ongoing MLC (Midlife Crisis)

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Those in an Ongoing Midlife Crisis continue to chase youthful experiences and challenges well into their later years. This group is often characterized by significant life changes, like starting new families or careers well into their seventies and eighties. They are driven by a desire to defy old age and embrace new opportunities.

Spotting The Signs:

  • Starting new families or careers in later life
  • Engaging in activities typically associated with younger people
  • An unending pursuit of new experiences

7. Properly Old

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Finally, the Properly Old are those who fully embrace their senior status. This group often includes individuals who are 90 and above, like Major Tom. They have settled into their old age and accept it with grace, often serving as role models for aging with dignity.

Spotting The Signs:

  • Contentment with being old
  • Engaging in low-key, fulfilling activities
  • Often living a quiet, serene lifestyle


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As society evolves, so does the concept of aging. Whether you find yourself as a Fit Midlifer, a Typical Boomer, or any of the other categories, it’s clear that aging is no longer a monolithic experience. Embrace the journey and find joy in whichever category you fall into. Remember, age is just a number, and it’s how you choose to live that truly defines you.

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