Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
December 20, 2023 ·  4 min read

10 Ways You Exude Beauty Without Even Realizing It

Let’s say you were given a stack of photos of women and you were asked to rate them on their beauty. How will you judge them? Perhaps you will look for smooth skin, full lashes, straight teeth, slim build, curves in the right places, contoured face, small nose, voluminous hair, or any other specific indicator of attractiveness.

What is Beauty and Where Do Our Opinions Come From?

We are constantly being told what is beautiful by the media around us. Images of slim girls with defined cheekbones and pouty lips advertise what sort of makeup we should wear. Models with astonishingly thick locks dictate what beautiful hair looks like.

Clothing and shoe companies display the ‘perfect’ body with a tiny waist, flat stomach, and long slender legs. The bombarding never stops from the commercials, ads, magazines, movies, billboards, and we may not realize how much this exposure is affecting our body image.

Movie stars, singers, and high-fashion models set a high bar for appearances and many young girls are comparing themselves to unattainable standards. Eating disorders and body dysmorphia are increasingly common. Nobody today can say they are completely unaffected by these types of psychological disorders, whether they have experienced them personally or empathetically.

What most people don’t realize is that these celebrities have a staff team hired specifically for them to keep up their perfect appearance. This entails 24-hour beauticians, aestheticians, wardrobe consultants and coordinators, personal gym trainers, dietitians, and chefs.

For photo shoots, they have a team of makeup artists and animation wizards to ‘fix’ their look until they are flawless. Then we open up a magazine or see an advertisement and become indirectly fixated on every blemish, wrinkles, and an ounce of unwanted fat on ourselves.

True Beauty Goes Beyond Your Appearance

The pursuit of outer perfection can make us lose focus on the real attributes of true beauty. We all have met a person who looks drop-dead gorgeous but as soon as they begin talking, their true ugliness shines through.

Here are ten traits that contribute to inner beauty. You don’t need big eyes, a small nose, or a slim build to be beautiful as the media wants us to believe so we will buy their endless supply of products. Remember, outer beauty always has a price, but inner beauty is free.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Inner Beauty

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1. Independence

A woman who stands on her own does not need the approval of others. She has ambition and only needs herself to fulfill her goals. Living with independence removes toxic relationships and bring healthy, secure people that respect you for who you are. Think about what you want to accomplish and how you will accomplish it. The motivation can only come from you.

2. Quiet Confidence

Nothing is more attractive than confidence. Confidence is the mark of leadership since people naturally follow someone who asserts herself and follows her convictions. This is someone they feel they can trust. Don’t mistake this for arrogance, where one thinks everyone else is beneath her. That is a big turn-off.

3. Integrity

True inner beauty depends on how a person acts in regard to herself. It’s easy to spot a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, who knows what she wants and has a set of morals she is mindful to upkeep. This self-awareness makes her trustworthy, a virtue everyone needs to have to create a strong connection wit others.

4. Character

Everybody’s personality is different and that’s what makes them unique. If everyone tries to imitate a certain persona they can lose touch with what really makes them special. Sometimes we pretend to be like someone else to act more appealing, but it’s our individuality that makes us shine.

5. Passion

People appreciate excitement. When you become passionate about something, let it be an art form, a job, a belief, or an anything that captures your attention, not only do you find an outlet for your passions, it is endearing for others.

6. Empathy

People are naturally drawn to others who understand them. Patience does not come easily for everyone, but it is a crucial factor for empathy. Making time for those who need them creates strong, lasting relationships.

7. Kindness

A giving and caring person are cherished. Sometimes a kindness can be as small as a warm smile. Some people have the impression that smiling is not beautiful since your eyes wrinkle, smile lines, and your cheeks stretch.

That’s why many models pose with a straight expression as if that’s supposed to be sexier. A smile shows you care and that’s what attracts people.

8. Modest

There is always an intrigue for anything hidden. Bragging and flaunting can cheapen you. If everyone can see everything you’ve got, your mystique is gone. Modesty can be expressed with actions as well. This is related to independence and integrity where you don’t need the approval of others and you stick to your own values.

This builds a mysterious and attractive aura about you. This concept is nearly foreign in a society that says, “If you have it, flaunt it.”

9. Courage

Some individuals are naturally more bold than others, but courage is its own entity. Courage is the strength one has to stand up for what they believe in and to pursue her dreams no matter how odd they may seem to others.

10. Love of Life

Sometimes the most beautiful photographs are candid. The girl posing doesn’t know her picture is being taken but she is smiling anyways. With all the darkness and negativity that surrounds us on a regular basis, sometimes we need a moment to look around and find the silver lining. Once you begin to focus on the good, it becomes second nature.