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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
June 10, 2020 ·  2 min read

These Long-Distance BFF Touch Bracelets Let Your Bestie Know You’re Thinking of Them With One Tap

Everyone always talks about how hard long distance romantic relationships are, but what about long distance friendships? Sure, video chats and texting are nice, but you can’t necessarily send your BFF a message every single time they cross your mind. Thanks to BFF bracelets, however, you now have a way to connect with your bestie with just the tap of your wrist.

BFF Bracelets for Long Distance Friendships

These aren’t your average friendship bracelets woven together out of yarn or Gimp (‘90s kids will understand). BFF bracelets are the high-tech friendship bracelet that when your friend touches theirs, your bracelet will buzz – whether you’re across the country or across the world. (1)

How Long-Distance BFF Bracelets Work

Bracelets are sold in pairs for just $98. Each pair is connected via an app that you set up on your phone. When one bracelet is tapped, its match will light up and buzz, letting friends know that they’re thinking of one another.

When purchased, you have the option of having both bracelets shipped to the same location or two separate places. That way, whether you’re still together or already living far apart, it’s easy for you to get your bracelets.

Not Just for Besties

BFF bracelets don’t have to be just for best friends. Perhaps you’re really close with your sibling, your cousin, or your mom. Maybe you and your significant other have to live apart for a while, or your spouse travels often for work. Truthfully, the bracelets are for any two people who spend a lot of time far apart and want a way to feel more connected to each other.

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Bracelet Set-Up

Bond Touch is a popular brand of long-distance bracelets with various resources for wearers to access. The most important of these is this handy video they made on how to set up your bracelets.

So now that you and your long-distance BFF (or brother, or grandma, or fiance…) have your bracelets, all that’s left to do is spread the love. For more info you can check out their website.

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