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The human body is an intricate and confusing thing. Much like a clock, there is almost no part of its makeup that is not integral to its function. It makes sense that almost all parts of the body are connected to each other in a significant way.  Your blood can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your body, and thanks to new research it can tell you a lot about what is going on in your mind as well.


The Research.

In the largest study of its kind, British researchers measured over 1,100 proteins in the blood of 106 pairs of identical twins.  The researchers tracked the mental health of the 212 healthy adults over ten years; they found that those who’s thinking skills diminished the most had lower levels of the of a special blood protein.

Twins were used for this study to account for significant variances in the DNA of individuals who are not immediate kin.


You’re Blood As An Indicator.

For centuries, medical professionals have used blood as a major indicator. Blood can alert us to issues within the body faster than almost any other method. The blood flows into and out of all areas of the body. So, it makes sense that it would be the perfect warning system to explain any unknown issues the body might be having.

According to British researcher’s your blood does not only speak on behalf of your body, your blood can also indicate issues your mind might have almost 10 years into the future.  New research has found that blood contains a protein named MAPKAPK5. This protein can warn physicians of your deteriorating mental health before it is too late.

Research suggest that as the MAPKAPK5 protein declines in an individual’s blood, their chances of developing  Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia increase significantly.

For years researchers have been trying to find a new means of diagnosing the terrible disease.


As it stands memory loss is the way most individuals are diagnosed with dementia. What’s worse, it is estimated that there are thousands of individuals living with mental illness undiagnosed.

The study’s author Dr Steven Kiddle, of King’s College London is quoted as saying “Although we are still searching for an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, what we do know is that prevention of the disease is likely to be more effective than trying to reverse it.”

This research marks an exciting new millstone into our understanding of degenerative mental illnesses. It also points to significant medical advance that could save many more lives.

It should be noted that the science of this study is still incomplete. However, researchers hope to developed this test further and maximize its potential for dementia detection.  Although there is no clear cut cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s at this time, researchers hope that identifying these blood markers will further research into an Alzheimer’s cure.


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