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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
September 17, 2020 ·  4 min read

32 Comedy Wildlife Photos That Will Brighten Up Your 2020

Nature is an awe-inspiring force, as are the creatures in it. Many photography competitions work to capture these stunning moments and show how magnificent our world really is. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards take another approach. Instead of focusing on how breath-taking, fearsome, or unreal nature is, they find the humanity in it.  

The competition selects finalists that are photographers from all over the world, and their photos are just as diverse. The awards were founded by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam and supported by wildlife conservation nonprofit The Born Free Foundation. The beauty of nature’s animals is a byproduct; the main event is ridiculousness. This is truly a new and hilariously improved way of raising awareness for conservation 

These photos are often anthropomorphic, relating very human emotions or interactions. Don’t forget to read the title for each piece; some of these are really laugh-out-loud funny!  

The winners of the competition will be announced on October 22. If you have a favorite from the ones we’ve chosen, you can vote for it on their website

32 Hilarious Photos from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 

1. ‘Wait up Mommy, look what I got for you!’ by Kunal Gupta 

The sheer and utter delight on these elephants’ faces are absolutely priceless. And the baby holding the blossoms in its trunk is just too cute to handle. 

2. ‘Boredom’ by Marcus Westberg  

This majestic gorilla has very a real emotion on its face: boredom, as so named. Extremely relatable.  

3. ‘Terry the Turtle flipping the bird’ by Mark Fitzpatrick 

Here we see another celebrity annoyed by the paparazzi. We’ll forgive the attitude though because that sea turtle is just magnificent.  

4. ‘I am the champion’ by the Ramesh Letchmanan 

The very picture of triumph is in this cute little guy. 

5. ‘I’ve got you this time!’ by Olin Rogers 

Sneak attack! This might be just me, but I see Baby Simba trying to tackle Baby Nala. 

6. ‘Fun for all ages’ by Thomas Vijayan 

Monkey tails are usually used to help keep balance and hang from branches. In this case, they also make awesome swings! 

7. ‘I had to stay late at work’ by Luis Burgue 

Once you read the title, a hilarious conversation comes to mind between these two animals. 

8. ‘No penguins under here!” by Pearl Kasparian 

The thug life chose this little guy. 

9. ‘Laughing hippo’ by Manoj Shah 

The water looks beautiful. No wonder these guys look so happy! 

10. ‘Socially uninhibited’ by Martin Grace Kendal 

He thought no one would notice, but the photographer was right behind him! 

11. ‘Faceplant’ by Tim Hearn 

“Mo-ooom! Are we there yet?” 

12. ‘Peekaboo’ by Jagdeep Rajput 

Tigers are such stunning creatures, but at heart, they are just large kittens. 

13. ‘Having a laugh’ by Ken Crossan 

This seal has such an adorably contagious smile! 

14. ‘I think this tire’s gonna be flat’ by Kat Kotzian 

I think these baby bears are committing a heist… With those cute faces, I’ll allow it. 

15. ‘Macaque striking a pose’ by Luis Marti 

Some people, or monkeys, are just born models. This is definitely one of them! 

16. ‘Just chillin’ by Jill Neff 

“I know this position looks awkward, but trust me, it’s super comfortable/” 

17. ‘Covid hair!” by Gail Bisson 

 “I don’t need a haircut. You need a haircut!” 

18. ‘Like mother like daughter’ by Jagdeep Rajput 

This is such a sweet photo! Bring on all the ‘aw’s.  

19. ‘It’s a mocking bird!’ by Sally Lloyd-Jones 

He’s a rebel just for kick’s sake. 

20. ‘It’s the last day of school holidays’ by Max Teo 

This precious otter represents every child going back to school this past September. 

21. ‘Almost time to get up’ by Charlie Davidson 

“Five more minutes!” 

22. ‘Seriously, would you share some?’ by Krisztina Scheeff 

“Quit hogging all the fish, bud!” 

23. ‘The inside joke’ by Femke Van Willigen 

This looks like another case of lockdown hair-dos. 

24. ‘Sun salutation’ by Sue Hollis 

Mentally, I am here. 

25. ‘Crashing into the picture’ by Brigittee Alcalay-Marcon 

This photo-bomber is always welcome in my pics! 

26. ‘Monkey business’ by Megan Lorenz 

No comment on this one… 

27. ‘Quiet, please…’ by Mike Lessel 

I’d hire this stunning bird to be a librarian anyday. 

28. ‘Spreading the wildlife gossip’ by Bernhard Esterer 

“…And would you believe that mane?” 

29. ‘That race’ by Yevhen Samuchenko 

I’d watch this version of Little Rascals! The race scene would be even more adorable with this little cuties. 

30. ‘We all have that friend’ by Yarin Klein 

If you don’t have that friend, then you are that friend. Also, both bears are just so precious! 

31. ‘Social distance, please!’ Petr Sochman 

“Six feet away! This branch is my quarantine now. Go find your own!” 

32. ‘Smiley’ by Arthur Telle 

This fish looks so friendly!  

You can see finalists and winners from previous years on the Comedy Wildlife Awards website! If you would like to donate to The Born Free Foundation, click here!

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