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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
January 9, 2024 ·  2 min read

People Shocked After Former McDonald’s Corporate Chef Details How to Make Their Famous Fries at Home

Mike Haracz, a former corporate chef, shook the internet with a TikTok video unveiling a hidden ingredient in McDonald’s fries: beef flavoring. His cooking tips emphasized the significance of replicating the fries’ taste at home through the frying process and ingredient selection.1

An Unexpected Addition

Haracz’s disclosure stunned many consumers who hadn’t previously realized the presence of beef flavoring. Despite the mention of “natural beef flavor” in the ingredients, it’s crucial to note that the fries don’t contain actual beef products, reassuring vegetarians of their suitability.

The news triggered a mix of reactions among patrons. Some expressed shock and surprise upon discovering the beef flavoring, while others, while taken aback, acknowledged that the fries remained vegetarian-friendly despite the inclusion of this unexpected ingredient.

Dietary Considerations

For individuals with specific dietary preferences or restrictions, understanding the finer details of the fries’ ingredients has become crucial. While the presence of beef flavoring doesn’t affect the fries’ vegetarian status, it’s vital information for those with dietary concerns.

Fortunately, the UK version of McDonald’s fries doesn’t contain wheat or milk derivatives, offering a more accommodating option for patrons with dietary restrictions in that region.

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Insights into McDonald’s Fries From another TikTok Insider

Jordan Howlett, a TikToker, unveiled a little-known fact about McDonald’s fries—beef flavoring—through a viral video that garnered over 9 million views. His revelation sparked discussions about the fries’ vegetarian-friendliness and intrigued curious viewers.2

Historical Shifts in McDonald’s Fries

The history of McDonald’s fries involves a transition from using beef tallow and cottonseed oil to pure vegetable oil in the ’90s. This change led to the addition of “natural flavoring” to preserve the original taste. Legal issues ensued, prompting the ingredient’s declaration to address customer concerns.

Howlett’s revelations shed light on a significant historical shift in the fries’ preparation, leading to an ongoing discussion about the presence of beef flavoring. This insight serves as valuable information for individuals with specific dietary considerations.

For vegetarians and those cautious about their dietary choices, the revelation about beef flavoring has prompted a reevaluation of their perception of McDonald’s fries and their consumption choices.

Howlett’s TikTok series delving into fast-food secrets has been instrumental in informing millions about the intricacies of popular chain items, broadening viewers’ knowledge beyond the conventional understanding of fast-food ingredients.

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