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Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
March 26, 2020 ·  2 min read

Deer Photobombs Baby’s Forest Photo Shoot, turns into a Fairytale

If Bambi was a real deer, I’m sure she’d do stuff like this all the time.

Everyone wants their nature-themed photoshoots to have a dash of the unexpected. It makes everything seems more… natural. A bird flying by right at the perfect moment, a squirrel reaching out when to pick nuts in the scene, or even better, a cute little deer trying to steal your corn.

And the last one actually happened to someone!

Image: Imagine That Photography by Megan Rion

In 2015, when Baby Connor was getting captured at Sam Houston State Park in Louisiana, an adorable deer wandered into the scene and turned it into a lovely fairytale. Maggie the deer is loved by everyone who visits the park. She was rescued and hand-fed at birth before being released back into the forest. 

Image: Imagine That Photography by Megan Rion

According to Baby Connor’s photographer, Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography, Maggie has no problem being around people, unlike other deer who are usually very shy.

“Maggie was hand-fed as a baby, so she’s very comfortable with people,” Megan Rion told Yahoo Parenting [1]. “But I always make sure that we have one hand right near the baby, because she is a wild animal.”

Maggie lives in the woods and is known to show up during photo shoots,” Megan said. “She has a reputation for it and parents even request that she come to shoots, but I let them know there’s no guarantee.”

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A fairytale came alive

Apparently, Maggie has a thing for turning up when photoshoots are in session.

We’ve seen her in about five different photoshoots,” Megan continued. “I didn’t even know she was going to show up at the spot where I like to take pictures at.”

One-month-old Baby Connor was asleep during the farm girl-themed photoshoot, her first-ever. She was wearing sack overalls and sleeping on a blanket spread on a haystack. The lovely angel was surrounded by pumpkins and ears of corn, and according to Megan, Maggie the deer was seriously interested in the corn.

Megan captured the photos with soft lighting mimicking a sunset in autumn. The scene was so beautiful and then, right at the perfect moment, Maggie gently nosed in.

Alongside the amazing pictures, Connor’s mother recorded the precious moment. 

The mom of Conner was in awe,” said Megan. “Awe at the deer, how she showed up so peacefully, awe at the way we posed her baby, and awe at the photographs we were able to take as they were a surprise for her husband.”

Maggie is such a loved creature that Megan dedicated an entire Facebook album to the sweet deer. 

If only every photoshoot could be this amazing. Everyone deserve a little magic in their lives now and then. 

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