grandfather builds pin playhouse for grand daughter
Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson
September 14, 2020 ·  3 min read

Loving Grandfather Spends Lockdown Building Epic Pink, Double-Glazed Playhouse for His Granddaughter

From fully catered squirrel restaurants to high-rising towers for cats, the coronavirus lockdown had many people coming up with the most astonishing creations to pass time. Boredom truly brings out the best in us, and what better way to spend free time than building timeless pieces for the ones we love?

Grandfathers are simply the best.

A UK-based mom named Chantelle Warrick recently shared amazing photos of her daughter’s new shepherd’s hut on Facebook. Posted to a private group named FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS, Chantelle revealed that the stunning pink human-sized playhouse was lovingly built for her daughter Nola by the little girl’s grandfather [1].

A highly skilled man who loves working with his hands, Chantelle’s dad single-handedly came up with the design, purchased the best materials, and built the playhouse from scratch as a lockdown project. The structure is complete insulated walls, double-glazed windows, large sturdy wheels, and tasteful decoration. The pink and white interior is fitted with decorative girly lights, a lovely little bed, and a kitchen complete with toy appliances. The playhouse is safe and solid enough for the little girl to spend as much time as she wants.

When pure talent meets grandfatherly love

Chantelle couldn’t hold back her excitement as she shared the photos on the group:  “I have one clever dad!!! He knocked this beautiful shepherds hut up for my daughter from scratch. Drew his own plans, ordered the materials, used his AMAZING carpentry skills etc voila. It’s even insulated and has double glazed windows. All built by his own fair hands and good enough to move in to. My daughter Nola and I are literally in love.”

Her post immediately went viral once it hit the group and has been shared over 15,000 times. People online just can’t get enough of the awe-inspiring creation. It’s every little girl’s dream come true, and for Nola, her dream has become a reality she’d probably cherish forever. 

In a follow-up post, Chantelle wrote: “I have shown my dad the post and he is literally overwhelmed by all the likes and amazing comments. I would like to reply to each of you individually but unfortunately, the comments have been turned off, so my dad and I would just like to say a massive thank you for all the love.”

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What did people have to say?

Of course, thousands of comments poured in on Chantelle’s post, with many impressed parents inquiring about the wooden caravan. Everyone seemed to want the same wheelhouse for their kids and many advised Chantelle’s dad to turn it into a business.

One person wrote: “Oh wow it is a dream home! And your daughter Nola will always remember this amazing kindness from your dad.”

Another added: “So talented, what a wonderful gift for your daughter. Your dad could make more and sell them for a fortune.”

 A third wrote. “Well done your dad, he could definitely make a business out of this.”

Kudos to Nola’s granddaddy. We love it!

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