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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 16, 2023 ·  1 min read

There’s A Hidden Third Person In This Picture. Do You See it?

It’s time to play another game to test your visual perception. There is not just two people in the picture below, can you find the hidden third person? Let’s give it a try.

Find the Hidden Third Person 

You know what they say, the best place to hide is in plain sight. This is just that case with this photo.

At first, you may only see the couple standing together on the shore. If you look carefully, however, there is a hidden third person, except they’re not really that hidden at all.

Image Credit: Guff

Can’t see them? Here’s a hint: You’re not looking for an actual person, you’re looking for an optical illusion of a person. Take a close look at the branches of the trees.

Sill can’t see it? Allow us to show you.

Image Credit: Guff

That’s right, the branches and the earth create the outline of a baby. Hard not to see it now, isn’t it?

Other Hidden Pictures

Now that you’ve found the hidden third person in that picture, give these next few optical illusion, visual perception photos a try.

  1. Find the dog in this photograph.
  2. Can you find the leopard in this picture?
  3. Spot the panda in this sea of snowmen.

These are all fun games that test your visual perception and your ability to spot small, subtle things in picture and images. 

Once you’ve solved them all, send this article to your friends and family and see if they can get them, too.