Stacy Robertson
Stacy Robertson
December 6, 2023 ·  3 min read

Homeless Man returns realtor’s $10,000 check. She repaid him by starting him up with a new home

Do good, and good shall come to you.

When Elmer Alvarez stumbled upon a $10,000 check lying freely on a busy street corner, the last thing anyone would expect from him would be that he’d return it. Elmer did a shocking thing. It was the right thing.

He returned the money as quickly as he could.

Dr. Roberta Hoskie, full-time real estate agent and proprietress, couldn’t have been more stunned when her check was returned to her – she didn’t even know it was missing!

Dr. Hoskie repays Elmer

“Lord bless me so that I can be a blessing to others.” – Dr. Roberta Hoskie.

Dr. Hoskie had a hard time locating Elmer after he returned the check to her. She was determined to find the amazing soul who had done such a wonderful thing. Two weeks later, at the Great New Haven Chamber of Commerce, she presented him with keys to his own place. She’d paid six months’ rent up front for him. Elmer burst into tears when he heard the house was his.

In a chat with NBC news, Dr. Hoskie said she and her daughter had been homeless once before. She knew how difficult life was out there. Elmer describes the reality in a few, emotion-laden words. “Raining, cold, it was horrible. It was horrible.”

Dr. Hoskie felt it wouldn’t be enough to give Elmer a house and leave him to fend for himself. She had to help him get on his feet, and be financially independent. Dr. Hoskie runs a successful real estate school. She awarded him a scholarship at her school, and Elmer’s been doing well ever since.

There was only thing Dr. Hoskie had asked of him. She told him that he must help another homeless person get off the street once he gets on his own two feet. Elmer was thrilled to have the charge.

When asked what was going through his mind as he returned the check, he said, “Honestly, I gave it back from the bottom of my heart and I expected nothing back in return.”

Elmer finds a purpose for his life

Elmer says his life’s goal at this point is to get as many homeless persons as he can off the streets. Having been in their situation before, he knows how depressing it can be.

“When I see them down and depressed,” he said, “I tell them, I talk to them and let them know. I was the one right there too. Help people. That’s where my focus is at now. Try to help others.” Elmer has been studying at the real estate school for over six months now.

He has one last exam to take before getting a certification. Elmer has proven to have a natural gift for real estate. He says he’s working on some great ideas that would enable him and Dr. Hoskie to reach out to more people. A better way for them to get more persons off the streets.

“I’ve got faith in God,” he said. “She’s going to take that project to another step, you know what I mean? So that’s where we are at.”

Elmer is solid proof that good deeds bring a person good luck. It’s a natural law woven into the very fabric of the earth. Elmer did something many people in his condition would never have done. He did it with all his heart and expected nothing in return. Dr. Hoskie had to search extensively to find him.

Elmer left everyone out there with a piece of advice. “Do the right things and the right things come to you.”

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