Maria Sykes
Maria Sykes
March 13, 2019 ·  2 min read

How to Make Mason Jar Patio Lights This Summer

Summer just doesn’t feel quite right without enjoying some warm, lazy evenings on the patio. After fun-filled extra long days with the family, it’s the perfect time to wind down with a good book or invite a few friends over for a sunset picnic.

Give your summer patio a unique look with DIY mason jar lights powered by the sun! (There’s more ways than one to make this craft your own- read to the end for some creative inspiration!)

DIY Mason Jar Patio Lights

This DIY project is incredibly easy, but it does involve a hot glue gun and a sharp knife, so if your kids want to help out, make sure there’s an adult around to take care of those steps. Safety first!


  • Glass mason jar
  • Frosted glass paint
  • Masking tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small solar garden light
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cardboard
  • Sturdy scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Newspaper
  • Pen/marker


1. Use the microfiber cloth to remove any dust from the mason jar.

2. Line the bottom of the jar with masking tape. Trim the edges off.

3. Over a few layers of newspaper to prevent messes, place your mason jar upside down on a piece of cardboard. Coat the jar with frosted

glass paint. Take your time to avoid uneven layers.

4. Let dry.

5. Remove masking tape from the bottom of the jar.

6. Place the inside plate of your mason jar lid on the cardboard and outline it with a pen or marker. Then place the solar garden light in the middle of the circle and outline that with a pen or marker.

7. Cut out the ring you’ve just made with your outlines, using scissors for the outside layer and the utility knife for the inside layer. Use caution!

8. Place your cardboard ring around the edge of the solar garden light and glue it in place with the hot glue gun. Let dry.

9. Screw on the mason jar lid.

10. Enjoy!

Get Creative With It

Using window frosting spray paint isn’t the only way you can add some extra flair to your mason jar patio lights. Let these other decoration ideas inspire you to think creatively with what you have:

  • Wrap a brown rope around half of the mason jar and glue in place for a rustic chic look.
  • Use a rainbow of acrylic paints to drip down the sides of the mason jar for a splash of color.
  • Glue small glass stones to your mason jar for a whimsical look.
  • Glue a lace pattern to your mason jar (or for an even easier hack, slip it into a pair of stockings with a neat design!)
  • One word: rhinestones.
  • Dye your mason jars with the color of your choice (check out the video below to see how)
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