Stacy Robertson
Stacy Robertson
December 25, 2023 ·  3 min read

This Off-Grid Home Costs Less Than $40,000 And Can Be Built In A Mere 6 Hours!

Owning a home in the United States is no easy venture. The statement ‘buying a house’ has taken on a whole new meaning over the years. It’s rarely seen when people buy a home all at once.

Nearly everyone – except the wealthy few – has to make down payments and pay a mortgage for a certain period of time, depending on the size of the house. According to a survey published on Trading Economics, the average cost of a family home in the United States is roughly around $300,000, after a 31.6% fall from $395,000 in 2017. It fell by a lot, but it’s still outrageous.

These figures are capable of inducing a migraine on sight. In the past decade, many home builders have diversified into the tiny home business. The standards of living have been increased with the availability of cheaper, smaller, and more manageable homes. The fact that these homes are tiny doesn’t make them any less sophisticated than the standard homes.

Tiny homes are the future

Renato Vidal is an Italian architect who channeled his skill to a remarkable purpose. This brilliant architect observed that the demand for tiny homes has been on the increase as of recent times. People are starting to go bankrupt and hypertensive over mega housing funds.

In spite of this fact, a lot of people still despise the tiny home concept. They feel space is a necessity for good living. It actually is, but tiny homes don’t exactly have to deprive anyone of that. If we took the time to scan our lives properly, we’d observe that there are so many things we own which we don’t need.

All these things do is create unnecessary bulk and consume space. Moving into a tiny home requires you to take only the essentials you need.

MADi homes

Vidal founded and runs the MADi home construction company. They specialize in the design, construction, and installation of tiny homes, ranging from 100 – 400 sq. ft. homes. MADI provides a wide range of choices to select from.

A single person could opt to live in a home with a total floor area ranging between 100 – 150 sq. ft. MADi can make these available at a price between $18,000 to $25,000. A 300 sq. ft. home could cost around $40,000 dollars. These prices are amazing bargain deals compared to the price of standard homes all over the country.

Bigger families may not subscribe to the tiny home idea due to space needs. MADi has a solution to this particular problem. They design and construct bigger homes on request, which are still much cheaper than the standard homes. A family-perfect three-bedroom 900 sq. ft. comes in at just under $100,000. The company has it all figured out when it comes to affordable homes.

Off-site construction and Installation on delivery

MADi homes are not constructed on site, rather they’re just pieced together when the order arrives. The homes are constructed into folding tent structures, and they are finished with gorgeous interior designs. These homes do not require a foundation for installation. Level ground with a small patch carved out is all that’s needed.

The company designs homes with the potential for total off-grid functionality. Depending on the size of the house, solar panels of different ratings are installed on the roof. Each house comes fully compact with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a grey-water system.

Bigger designs come with a staircase. All the major construction work is done off-site and is installed by the company on delivery. Installation generally lasts 4 – 6hours, depending on the size of the house.

When a MADi home is ordered, it takes two months to be delivered. Owners can move into their homes almost immediately, usually two days after installation and setup. These homes are incredibly strong, polished and constructed with high-quality treated wood and premium materials.

With MADi homes, people learn to live without unnecessary belongings, cut down on outrageous financial expenditures, and live comfortably off-grid.

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