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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
April 8, 2024 ·  7 min read

Our Must Buy Gifts For Grandma

Aren’t grandmothers the best? They feed us, comfort us, and take care of us when we’re sick. They love spoiling us, so it’s important that we show Grandma how much we love and appreciate her by spoiling her a little right back. We asked the team to put together a list of 25 of our favorite gifts for Grandma to help you spoil your grandmother in the best way possible.

Picking out the perfect gift to give the woman who says her grandchildren are her greatest gift can be tough, so we’ve created a list of gifts we know our grandmothers would love and yours will, too. 

Best Gifts For Grandma

1.Cart with Built-in Seat

This one is especially good for grandmothers who walk or use public transit to do their groceries. Not only does the grocery cart aspect make it easier for them to carry their groceries home with them, but the fold-out seat provides a place to rest while waiting in line, at the bus stop, or simply if they get tired part-way on their walk home.

2. Teadrops

Is tea time your grandmother’s favorite time of day? Then Teadrops tea samplers are for her. No tea bags or steepers necessary, these drops of organic tea, sugar, and spices dissolve into hot water for the perfect cuppa anytime. You can purchase a sampler set that includes two drops each of citrus ginger, sweet peppermint, vanilla white, rose earl grey, and matcha green tea, or a set that includes five drops of each tea type.

Teadrops Image

3. Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1

Your grandmother has spent her whole life cooking for a crowd. Make her everyday cooking easier with the all-in-one cooker that does everything. Meals will be quick and easy for her to put together, and she will have fewer pots and pans to clean up after. Dinner made simple!

4. Sewing Station

This cute little sewing organizer is pretty enough to be kept out on the side table next to your Grandma’s sewing chair for all to see. Best of all, it helps her keep all of her sewing necessities in one place. Perfect for the grandma that’s always stitching together something for her grandkids.

5. Slip-On Sneaker with Arch Support

Sometimes you just need a shoe that’s quick and easy to slip on your feet when you’re running out to do errands, walk to the mailbox, or visit your neighbor next door. These shoes are one of the best gifts for Grandma because they are easy to slide on and they also have a concealed orthotic for arch support. Not only will she look stylish, but her feet, knees, and hips will be thanking her, and in turn, she will be thanking you!

6. Indoor Organic Herb Growing Kit

Give Grandma the gift of freshly grown herbs all year round. This herb growing kit is easy to use and helps her to grow organic herbs right on her own windowsill.

7. Tile Tracker

Some of us are more absent-minded than others. If your Grandma is always misplacing items like her keys, wallet, remote control, etc, then these Tile Trackers will help her out. All she has to do is attach them to her often misplaced items and then she can track them via the Bluetooth on her phone. No more wasting 30 minutes searching for the keys when she’s trying to leave the house.

8. Knitting Needles Case

These are the perfect gifts for Grandma who’s favorite pastime is knitting. Help her to keep all of her knitting needles organized and in one, easy-to-store and carry place.

Christmas Gifts for Grandma

9. Warmies Slippers

Grandmas deserve to have warm, cozy feet always. That’s why these warming slippers make the best Christmas gifts for grandma. Even on the coldest winter days, she’ll have warm slippers to come home and slide her toes into. These slippers are the perfect Christmas gift for grandma – or whichever holiday you choose to celebrate!

10. Chunky Knit Blanket

This gift is amazing because not only does it act as beautiful decor for a couch or a bed, but it is also cozy and warm. Imagine grandma curling up with her grandkids for a bedtime story, or coming home on a cold winter day, slipping her feet in those warming slippers and wrapping herself up in a thick, warm blanket. It’s like you’re returning the warmth and love she gives you every day in the form of a big, soft blanket.

11. Stress Relief Heat Pillow

Don’t let Grandma’s aches and pains get the better of her. These warming lavender-scented pillows are the best Christmas gifts for Grandma. They can be placed wherever she’s experiencing discomfort – neck, back, or shoulders – so she can get that sweet relief she so deserves.

12. Heated Throw Blanket

You really can’t have too many blankets, especially if those blankets are heated ones. Keep grandma warm all winter long with this heated throw. The best part about this one is that it is machine washable, so whether she spills her tea or the grandkids do, it’s super easy to clean.

13. Magazine Subscription

If your Grandma likes to stay up-to-date on all things home and garden but prefers print to reading off of a screen, then a magazine subscription is a great choice. These are the best Christmas gifts for Grandma because not only are they inexpensive, but they are the gift that keeps on giving for a whole year.

14. Board Game Set

What better gift to give Grandma then something she can do with her favorite people? This board game set is something she can pull out at every family get together for some good, old fashioned family fun.

Best Birthday Gifts For Grandma

15. Kindle

If your grandmother is anything like our grandmothers, she loves a good book. Paperback books, however, can be cumbersome to carry around and take up a lot of space in your home. Kindles are great birthday presents for Grandma because they solve all those problems. Plus, she can enlarge the font to make it easier for her to read.

16. Puzzle Book

As we age, it’s important to keep our brains active to keep them healthy. This book of puzzles and mind games will not only entertain her but also keep her brain healthy for years to come. Maybe she’ll even let you do some of the puzzles with her!

17. Customizable Cookbook

If your grandmother is the type who can almost always be found in the kitchen cooking up original recipes or ones taught to her by her grandmother, then this is the gift for her. Fill it up with some of her favorite recipes, as well as leave room for her to keep adding to it. This will make a wonderful family heirloom gift one day, complete with Grandma’s handwriting and all.

18. At-Home Chemical-Free Spa Kit

After years spent raising her own children and hours spent watching the grandkids, Grandma deserves some pampering. These paraben and chemical-free products are perfect birthday gifts for grandma. They will help her relax and rejuvenate her body from head to toe.

19. Garden Grow Kits

Give your Grandma a leg-up in her garden this year! These easy-to-use garden kits have a variety of options to suit your Grandma’s growing needs. They have a chili pepper kit, colorful flower kit, a cocktail kit, salad greens, herbs, honey bee habitat, pizza ingredients, salsa ingredients, and a tranquility kit.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

20. Fairy Grandmother Mug

Your Grandma is going to need a great mug to drink that tea you got her out of (or her morning coffee, if she’s more of a ‘cup o’ joe’ type of woman). This is the perfect mug for the job. After all, grandmothers really do feel like magical beings who are always watching out for us anyways, aren’t they?

21. I Love Grandma Journal

If the grandchildren are quite young, then this is a cute gift that she will enjoy reading. This journal is a prompted fill-in-the-blank book that they can fill out. As you guessed it, it’s all about why they love their grandmother.

22. Family Photo Frame

The best mother’s day gift for Grandma is one that celebrates her pride and joy, her family. Nothing will make her happier than to have a place to display all of her beautiful kids and grandkids’ faces. With an inscription that reads “the love of family is life’s greatest blessing” she’s sure to hang it high where all of her guests will see it.

23. Throw Pillow

Grandmothers love to show off the fact that they are grandmothers. This pillow will allow her to do just that. After all, being a grandmother is a pretty sweet gig.

24. I’m the Fun Grandma Wine Glass

If your Grandma prefers a glass of cabernet over a mug of earl grey, then this is the perfect glass for her. Etched with the phrase “I’m the FUN Grandma!”, she’ll laugh every time she cracks open a bottle. These glasses are dishwasher friendly, so the phrase is guaranteed not to come off.

25. Digital Photoframe

This frame allows you to share photos directly from your phone to your Grandma’s photo frame instantly via email or an app. The frame can flip through an array of photos throughout the day, and imagine how tickled Grandma will be when a new photo of her grandbabies appears. These photos are the mother’s day gifts for grandma that she will enjoy every single day.

With this gift guide, we are sure you’ll pick the right gifts for Grandma, whether it’s for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or the Holiday season.

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