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Sean Cate
Sean Cate
May 29, 2024 ·  2 min read

People Shocked After Learning Which Body Part Is Always Removed During An Autopsy

An autopsy is a pretty complicated procedure designed to figure out how a person came to their demise. But, recent revelations have startled many, shedding light on a specific part of the examinations that has gone pretty well unknown by the general public until now. Let’s look into the unsettling discovery:

The Autopsy Process

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Before diving into the specifics, it’s important to know how meticulous an autopsy procedure is. Investigators slowly and painstakingly gather information from various sources like your medical records, witness testimonies, and where you died.1 The groundwork is essential for the most accurate interpretation possible of the findings during an autopsy.

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Next Steps

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Once the preliminary investigation is complete, the procedure starts with carefully removing the deceased’s clothing. The examiner looks closely for any visible injuries, scars, or anomalies. Modern technology like X-rays (ok maybe not THAT modern) and ultraviolet light help uncover any hidden irregularities that may be helpful in determining the cause of death.

Debunking Hollywood Myths

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Contrary to popular belief, autopsies in movies and TV shows usually fall short of what really happens. Dr. Ed Uthman, a seasoned pathologist, highlights common inaccuracies, such as “erroneous incision techniques depicted on screen”. These discrepancies highlight one of the many inaccuracies regarding sensitive procedures that include court proceedings, police investigations, and essentially all hospital shows ever created.

Revelation from an Autopsy Technician

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Gerald Ledford, a respected autopsy technician known for his informative TikToks, recently shared startling details about the process. Ledford revealed that during autopsies, one specific body part is always removed: the tongue.

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The Role of Tongue Removal

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Ledford explains that removing the tongue is key to ensure a thorough examination and to rule out any potential interference. Ledford does clarify that the entire tongue, along with all surrounding structures like the throat and aorta, is taken out during an autopsy.

Reactions and Reflections

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Learning about tongue removal has gained a variety of responses from the public, ranging from shock to humor. Some have expressed disbelief, while others consider the why and how of the procedures and what it would be like when they died. Ledford’s insight has led to a broader conversation about the postmortem examination process and the need for accurate information – even if it means removing someone’s tongue for it.


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Tongue removal during an autopsy is a very normal process, and it serves as a reminder of how intricate forensic investigations are. While the knowledge may make some uncomfortable or uneasy, we’ve learned that Hollywood makes some decisions to protect the squeamish. As forensic science continues to advance, it’s important for us to know how to approach these topics with sensitivity and factual accuracy.

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